inFAMOUS 2 PS3 Review (WorthPlaying)

WP: "nFAMOUS remains one my favorite titles for the PlayStation 3, and along with the Uncharted series, it's easily one of the best reasons to own the system. It made open-world superhero action fun again (after a couple of stale attempts from other developers with licensed characters from the Marvel and DC universes). inFAMOUS 2, the follow-up by the same developers at Sucker Punch, looks to build upon the success of the original. In that regard, it definitely refines a lot of things from the first game, but this sequel isn't without flaws of its own."

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Bathyj3442d ago

Are you going to say that in every review under 9?

Joni-Ice3442d ago

I don't care if they gave it a 3. I played it, the game is AWESOME. So glad I got it.

Kungfue3442d ago

Uhh ohhh a xbox fanatic with nothing to play trolling every ps3 exclusive review lower than 9....