Roger Avary Talks Return To Castle Wolfenstein Movie

If you're Roger Avary, you must have one hell of an address book - his lauded screenwriting collaborators include fan favorites Quentin Tarantino ("Pulp Fiction") and Neil Gaiman (November's "Beowulf").

"I'm doing an adaptation of the [video] game 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein,'" Avary enthused, referring to a gaming institution whose sequels evolved from a seminal 1981 Commodore 64 game. "I just love the World War II guys-on-a-mission movies; to me, 'Castle Wolfenstein' is all of that, plus monsters and horror and all that craziness jammed together. It's my dream film."

"Depending on what happens with the strike, I [could] be shooting it next year," Avary revealed, promising that casting announcements should be emerging soon.

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creeping judas4868d ago

the movie, wheres the damn sequel????

otherZinc4867d ago

Where's the friggin game? Also, make the game co-op link! Now get back to us Mr. John Carmak.