What Could Halo 4 Have In Store For Master Chief?

The Gamers Pulse speculates as what Halo 4 has in store for the Master Chief. The author speculates at what the announcement trailer had shown as to what could actually happen in the game and what some of the reasons could be for the changes seen in the trailer.

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Ninver3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

What else could they do with this iteration of the same regurgitated IP? where are the new games to lure me into buying a 360?

Instead of xboxworld and other 360 focused sites talking about the competition, maybe they could call M$ head office and ask where the new games are. Or maybe they've given up.

LOGICWINS3442d ago

Computer entertainment companies can't please everyone. No like, don't buy.

EYEamNUMBER13442d ago

oh give it a rest halo isn't even all that milked

3442d ago
EYEamNUMBER13442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

no the joke is thinking halo is milked
only people with mental malfunctions would think 6 halo games in 11 years (soon to be 7or 8)is milked
i don't even like halo and i wouldn't say its milked

if that is milked then series like ratchet are oceans of milk
by the end of this year there is going to be 4 uncharted games in only 5 years time
where are all the people saying uncharted is milked?

LOGICWINS3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

@EYE- I agree. If people want to see what milked really means, they should look at the Assassin's Creed franchise.

NINE games in 5 years.

femshep3442d ago

your right, it isn't milked there is a hole universe around the Halo series, just like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls, Star Trek.

there are innumerable stories that can be told and through video games brought to life, the only way it will be able to hold its own is if skilled writers are behind it and the stick to the lore that came before it. Halo has really good writers behind it

but now adays gamers are to blinded and focus on multiplayer, and sales, that they don't see the true potential behind games anymore.

Halo is more than just a game at this point it's a thriving universe that has more to the story and questions that need to be answered not just what happens to master chief but more historical wise about the forerunners and the other technology they left behind in the wake of there demise

Sam Fisher3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

you wanna see worlds of milking, super mario, metroid, and legend of zelda. oh yea i almost forgot sonic. and lets not talk about dynasty warriors and romance of the three kingdoms (for crying out loud 13 games)

milking to solidboss and i, is make game from one genre and expanding to other genres,

for example halo wars, halo merchant, and etc, that would be milking

Sam Fisher3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

i forgot about pokemon lol, they did color, elements, stones, now contrast, what next? brightness?

obviously yes it is, every new hardware made by nintendo is shown with super mario, metroid, and zelda. they all have the same story,1. 2, the last time nintendo ever made a new ip was pikmen, and that was with the gamecube. its always the same thing with nintendo, just with brand new gimmicks attach to them

qface643442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

@Sam Fisher
except games like zelda and metroid span decades
11 metroid games in 25 years is milked?
15 zelda games in 25 years is milked?
get real here

last story, pandoras tower and xenoblade are new ips from nintendo and many more but does anyone care?

it doesn't matter if you think it is milked 11 metroids and 15 zeldas in 25 years is NOT milked because if you think that is milked then you actually need to look up what milked is

CrazyForGames3442d ago

the only things that can be considered milked is when they release games constantly every year or 2 with no regard to the products quality

doesn't matter what anyone says about nintendo they don't hurry up and release a giant buggy turd to make a quick buck the same thing goes for halo and many of these so called milked games

your all being a bunch of idiots

darksied3442d ago

I don't think people understand what that means. CoD is milked, because it's almost the same each time, with a few changes (disregarding quality for sales). Halo is not be a milked series (except for the Halo wars ... yeah) but that doesn't necessarily make the games GOOD (I haven't liked a Halo since the first; boring stories and characters, boring single player). People who say that probably just don't like it, like a post said below. So I don't think it's a milked series, but I still don't like it.

Conversely, just because a game comes out every year doesn't mean it HAS to be bad, even if it's a milked series. Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood, and the next will be 1 year releases (I don't count the handheld or Wii versions unless they're the actual main series games (1, 2, Brotherhood, etc)). BUT every one of those games were critically great games, so who cares if that series is milked? Once you start seeing the series become crap, with rehashed stuff over and over, then it's a problem.

ginsunuva3442d ago

Milked is releasing games for a franchise that doesn't need any more, or slapping a brand name on top of junk to sell it.

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Redgehammer3442d ago

If you haven't bought a 360 by now, is there truly anything MS can do to change your mind?

XRider3442d ago

Why are PS3 trolls allways the first to post in Xbox news?

slampunk3442d ago

Halo jealousy sure brings out the best in PS fanboys.......

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femshep3442d ago

my guess is something with the shield planet the few remaining spartan 3's trained on are stuck of the project leads said if you've been following the story and books you should know where it will lead too

A7XEric3442d ago

I honestly don't see how people say Halo is milked, especially with another AAA fps out there with a much denser release schedule, since there have only been 4 main installments in the series so far over a 10 year period.

vishant1013442d ago

a new enemy thats what i want most

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