EU PlayStation Store Update 1st November

Tori Emaki - £1.99
Feel Ski - £4.99
Mesmerize - £1.99
Juiced 2: HIN Demo
PES 2008 Demo
Motorstorm Revenge Weekend Trailer
PS Eye Trailer
Lair Trailer
Uncharted Behind The Scenes
Uncharted Wallpaper
Eye Of Judgement Trailers
Alien vs Predator requiem
Hitman Movie Trailer

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Hapimeses4868d ago

Sweet. Well, I'll play PES myself and see what I think. the reviews have been all over the place on this game, with all sorts of conflicting claims. Other than that, I'll download the movies and have a gander at them.


Itachi4868d ago


this was meant to be released a month ago

Premonition4868d ago

I knew they would release it after the game is out, so now they have something to drive more sales into next week with this demo out, so people holding back can buy it if they like it.

Real gamer 4 life4868d ago

alright now i can judge for myself,

Lightning Mr Bubbles4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

It's safe to show the problems now, the game is already out.

But remember they said Konami is working on a patch to try to improve the frame rates.

HeartlesskizZ4868d ago

yessssssssssssssss PES . bey ill go download now

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The story is too old to be commented.