Evolution of Rockstar Games

GamersGameplay: From playing as gangsters to LAPD officers, psychological convicts to schoolyard bullies, Rockstar Games is no stranger to controversy or praise. Throughout their variety of releases, great production quality and enjoyable gameplay are features found in each title. The video game industry has seen some of its best releases because of Rockstar Games commitment to gamers and ability to evolve as a company.

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OtakuRockU3445d ago

Good article, RockStar sure has come a long way. I'm looking forward to what they do next.

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SteveThe1ne3445d ago

Same here, GTA 5 is probably their next investment...but hopefully something new will be announced as well.

curtis_boy3445d ago

i went to the article to see pics of their games and all I seen was manhunt

SteveThe1ne3445d ago

The article was focused more on the company itself.

TBONEJF3445d ago

Bully was my all time favorite title from R* I remember when my PS2 first launch a friend of mine tole me bout GTA never heard of it until he told me bout u can do missions steal cars and FK HOOKER too. I was like DAMN. Ever since that I bought all of R* games and I even still have the original Midnight Club classic titles. Bully is still my favorite hope they keep continuing making more great titles to come

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