10 things to create a perfect Japanese Role playing game(JRpg)

Through decades of evolution and variation there are definitely 10 common things in a Japanese style role playing game that have won hearts of millions of rpg fanatics from times memorial.
These are the 10 things that any Jrpg should possess.

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shreeveera3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Anime inspired character cliches,Open world gameplay with a lot of NPCs,sub quests and strategic micromanagement of equipment are the top 3 things that are definitely needed and really work when it comes to epic JRpgs.

Godmars2903449d ago

Since when was open world gameplay a part of JRPGs?

There was the appearance of open world gameplay during the NES/SNES era, but it was artificial.

shreeveera3449d ago

I meant to imply free roaming within towns and dungeons when i say open worlld.
FFXIII doesnt have it and is a totally linear which nobody likes.

MoDyDo3449d ago

Just go back to your roots and stop westernizing your games and everything should be fine

shreeveera3449d ago

Well said. But every JRpg deserves to hit Western shores which hasnt been achieved yet and its really sad as we lose a lot of great gems like PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia for example.

MoDyDo3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

But their last gen games had never faced any problems and they didn't westernize it and they were a huge hit in the west, meaning, they just need to do what they do the best and everyone will love and appreciate these games, take a look at demon's souls and it was received very positively outside of japan, and I really hope that Tales of Xillia gets localized it looks amazing

You don't actually need open world or world map to make a good JRPG, take a look at CCFFVII one of the best RPGs I've ever played IMO, I'm not saying that open world or world map is a bad thing, of course it makes the games even better and gives it a lot of value but the most important part is the story then comes the battle system IMO

geniusgamerdoc3449d ago

I definitely agree with you...jrpgs are become extinct this gen.

MoDyDo3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

But there're lots of them on handhelds, but as you said barley on consoles may be because consoles are more common outside japan and that's why most of these handhelds JRPGs don't get localized which is sad :(

jack_burt0n3449d ago

system automation so pressing x repeatedly will get you to the end of the game.

speeding the game up so to give the appearance to stupid western players the game is no longer turn based.


geniusgamerdoc3449d ago

Classic turn based and Tactical rpgs are always better compared to westernized button mashers.