Quake 5 Most Wanted Features: Beyond Rage

GR - "Quake 5 may be a long time coming, and its release will undoubtedly have to wait. Until then, we can simply speculate on what features it will offer and what we'd like to see in it."

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firemassacre3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )


subtenko3443d ago

I played quake2 on PC as my first fps back in the 90's.

I would actually like to play quake5 on ps3 but only if it captures the same feel as quake2. I dont like where this series went... but I guess I just like quake2...

good ol days

ATiElite3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I want more evil in Quake V.

Yeh yeh i know we have Doom for that but Quake is one of my favorite game names. I just think super duper space evil when i here that title.

Quake is the godfather of twitch gaming. such a classic series.

"Quake" AHHHhhhh i'm scared!

StillGray3443d ago

I hope they make some proper announcements soon. It can't happen soon enough.

NarooN3443d ago

It's okay, we know you can't handle a real FPS. Go along now and scurry back to Call of Duty 50.

firemassacre3443d ago

is it just me...or is quake underrated as hell?

megalonagyix3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

it is... clocked over 800 hours in QL, still playing it over any game today. So much options, console commands, tweaks, competitive play, great gameplay mechanics, accessable FOV, and over 100 map lol. True PC game.

femshep3443d ago

sweet new Quake =D but i thought they were gonna do Doom 4 after Rage then Quake

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