Jessica Simpson is September Artist of the Month

It's September already. Didn't take long did it to come around? Signalling the start of Autumn, the bad weather, the start of school/college, dark nights and a Jessica Simpson video.

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Marriot VP4526d ago

ahhh man, her music isn't for the early 360 adopter characters, lol.

Actually now that I think about it those people are probably just gonna watch the video for her.

rj814526d ago

Let's just say... people will watch the video while holding their joystick.

Microsoft Master4525d ago

Yeah, i don't think she's really famous for her singing somehow. lol

Boink4525d ago

she looked hot in daisy duke shorts...

Chewy 1014525d ago

This will be the least downloaded item in the marketplace.

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The story is too old to be commented.