James Cameron sees a 3-D future for film, TV and games

Anyone who's watched James Cameron's Oscar-winning "Avatar" can see the difference stereoscopic 3-D can make in a big screen event film when it's done correctly.

While prepping to film the next two "Avatar" movies back-to-back, Cameron has been keeping busy on the 3-D technology front with long-time partner Vince Pace. The pair recently won the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for outstanding 3-D broadcasts at the 32nd annual Sports Emmy Awards for their work on the 2010 U.S. Open Championship on CBS.

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XRider3445d ago

3D is just so expensive right now, and I have a good job. If they can get 3D sets under $1000, I'll get one.

Miths3445d ago

In their 2011 models, Samsung has 3D even in the midrange 5-series (as a matter of fact for their plasma models they even have 3D in the D490, although that's only a 720p rather than 1080p screen).
I bought a 51" Samsung D550 3D plasma last month - a quick Google search suggests that prices start from around $1,000 in the US (and take note that we're talking about a pretty large screen here, although the smallest of the plasma models). Not surprisingly I had to pay a bit more here in typically expensive Denmark though (around $1,500).

After recent price reductions I believe their baseline SSG-3100 active glasses cost around $50 in the US. I paid around €50 here in Europe, and €100 for the SSG-3700.

metsgaming3445d ago

just saw one in the paper for $800 it had a big sale like $500 off. If you look you can find them below 1000 most of the sales are around $1000 though.

XRider3445d ago

$800 How big is the screen? I'm looking for a 42 inch to replace my 42 Sony plasma. Are the 3D glasses extra? I know lots of questions, but you got me with that $800.

metsgaming3445d ago

i was slightly off, its a 42 inch plasma 600hz (i have never seen hz go that high) its a panasonic for 898 and it was originally 1500. and yes it comes with avatar 3d and 2 free glasses.

koh3445d ago

I bet James Cameron does think that... since his upcoming movies are all just a lot of CGI. IMDB actually has Avatar 3 already listed. The first one blew and I'd be willing to bet #2 will blow twice as hard.

spektical3445d ago

many people thought avatar was a fantastic movie.

movie goers give a rats a$$ about movie reviews because they tend to suck.

cant wait for the next one. I hope they expand on the environment of the planet. It was very lush and extroadinary. Hopefully, they can bring a stronger plot as well. I loved the idea and how everything fit in the first one, but its questionable if it can be done again.

evrfighter3445d ago

well its only special in that it was the first big budget 3d oriented movie.

afterwards though...not so pretty


spektical3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )


koh3445d ago

I liked watching it because I was high, but the plot was just boring and cliched

seinfan3445d ago

The last movie he directed that was at least decent was True Lies, which was over 15 years ago! This guy's talent is like a hit and miss. With him pushing the 3D gimmick, it makes me loathe the technology even more.

metsgaming3445d ago

sounds like you didnt see avatar in 3d.... other wise you wouldnt call it a gimmick and wouldnt say his last good movie was true lies. Yes it wasnt original idea but he put a good spin on it.

flightdown3445d ago

yeah 3d will be big but not 3d tvs. The next thing will be holographic tv. 3d tv is simply the interim or another slice of the entertainment pie. Personally i like 3d when its done well but that doesn't improve the script....cough...avatar.....

T-K47x3445d ago

I just want to play Uncharted 3 on a massive 3DTV because I've heard off many people that it is the best thing they have ever seen in 3D even better than Avatar, I can't miss an experience like that no way...

Miths3445d ago

The short 3D trailer for Uncharted 3 on the PSN store certainly looks impressive, although only the last few clips are actual gameplay rather than CGI-trailer.