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"The original White Knight Chronicles took a while to get outside of Japan, and while it was a good, enjoyable 30 hours or so or RPG, it was formulaic and had a few annoyances. The gap between the sequel coming out in Japan and the rest of the world has been slightly shorter. However, it seems as though developers Level 5 haven't really fixed the majority of the problems with the original game, instead keeping the same engine and gameplay with a few minor tweaks here and there."

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firemassacre3443d ago

never got into this game, but alot of people have

MoDyDo3443d ago

yea and a lot of people like it, but then look at the reviews, I'm just confused but most likely I'll buy it

firemassacre3443d ago

if you enjoy it, buy it screw what people say

ChronoJoe3442d ago

Well these reviews really should review it as 1+2 rather than just WKC2. WKC2 doesn't make any sense stand-alone, and you lose much of the experience by not importing your characters.

I very much doubt this particular reviewer even played the first game. Otherwise he would have imported his save rather than being a the default level, 35 when starting the new.

He also says it doesn't address any concerns of the first, when it actually does. It does a great job improving from the first, the gameplay in particular is much faster paced.

Either way I'm having allot of fun with it.

MoDyDo3443d ago

yup you 100% right :)

DA_SHREDDER3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I bought it day one and was disappointed by the final product. The enemies didn't have really any statistical boundaries when it game to differentiation of character models, weakness to certain magic and attacks. There was no benefit to the class/weapon/ability options just plain sucked. I understand it being a great online game to go out in quest with your friends, and understand the White Knight lore, I just feel the main characters lacked too much and it just needed more guts to be a good rpg. The online stuff is great though, they just need to expand it more on the single player side of things.

the_kutaragi_baka3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

white knight 2 is something of a failure on two levels. It doesn't do anything to address the shortcomings of the first game.

anyway,there are far better JRPGs out there.

ShoryukenII3442d ago

It comes with the first game so I'll probably buy it when it gets cheaper next year. Pushing back to September was a bad idea, that part of the year is just too crowded.

FamilyGuy3441d ago

Why would this game have a second tutorial half way through the storyline?

In WHKs2, when you start you new game+ it starts you at wkcs1 and you run through both wkcs1&2 in their entirety. Wouldn't it be odd if you suddenly, mid-story, had to go through a tutorial mode all over again?

They really should have just left it like it was in the Japanese version where you HAD to play part 1 to play part two. Or thrown in some optional redirect that sent you to the tutorial of WKCs1. OR, made you at least play the first hour of two of WKCs1.

All reviews under 6 are focused on that 1 issue that shouldn't even be an issue with part 1 on the same disc...

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Rage_S903443d ago

Skv007 will be very displeased........

sdtarm3443d ago

he probably saw it coming

-Alpha3443d ago

He's probably too busy playing it

WildArmed3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Haha, Thanks for caring guys.

I saw it.
I accepted it.
I'll still get it.

Unf. I woulda already gotten it if D3 didn't delay it :(

No worries, I still play WKC every week ^^

ThanatosDMC3442d ago

I hope they added more missions by default because grinding the same missions online is very boring.

Kamikaze1353443d ago

Looks like it's just as bad as the first game. I invested well over 50 hours in it, but it felt like a horribly put together game the entire time. I only played that long because I was in denial of how bad it was since I've been waiting for it for so long.

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Jazz41083443d ago

Hated this game. I'm a huge rpg guy bu this games just never drew I'm in and played quite child like to me.

Shinro3443d ago

Maybe It's because it is a game targeted at a younger audience? :P

Krysifix3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Part 1 was a terribly made game. Almost all aspects of it are badly executed (character progression, battle system). I dont want to go into detail on the many more things that are wrong with the game because it would be quite a list. But like others said it was surprisingly liked by handfuls of people. So either you love it or hate it. One thing though if anyones a trophy addict. White Knight 1 which comes with part 2 it takes about 1000hrs. Yes 3 zeros. So who knows if they eased up on them.

PsERSONA3443d ago

800 binds trophy. That is all.

WildArmed3442d ago

Only thing in my Opinion that was lacking in WKC was the combat speed.
They fixed that, and I'm happy.

Character progression and combat system was neat!
My other gripe was that everything took AC!
Now, most skills take MP in WKC2!

They pretty much covered both my issues w/ the game.

InfiniteJustice3442d ago

I totally agree. Since it comes with WKC on the same disc it's good value, but the point is this enhanced version has the new, faster battle system. I couldn't believe how slowly characters took their turns after watching some gameplay videos.

It really is a love it or hate it game though, and there are a few aspects of the game that will flat out turn people off.

Nevertheless I just started the second game, and I'm really enjoying it

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