TimeShift FPS Differently Part 1,2&3

The first in a series of videos on how you can master time to become the ultimate weapon.

Mastering time lesson two, not all battles are worth fighting.

Leson three, the kamikaze approach is not a wise choice, stay calm, assess the surrounding area, and plan your attack accordingly.

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Juneyp154869d ago

In a FPS your considered Elite if you dont shoot someone?

and i think that in the turret video the "Skilled" Player actually had a better tactic then the "Elite" player just because while your heading to the turret your vulnerable while the skilled player was never vulnerable

games4fun4869d ago

i agree the guy left himself open when he got on the turret. You take out the turret and shoot everybody or anyone who tries to get on. Once everyone in the immediate area of the turret is dead then get on it and turn it around before anyone shoots you.

Also the guy who gets his gun stolen doesn't even hit you or try to get it back he runs off and makes sure to leave himself open to fire right in front of you. I'm not hating on the AI though it looks ok to me. Just fix that one thing.