Gears of War: PC vs. Xbox 360

GamePro compares the good and bad between Gears of War PC and Xbox 360 in this video.

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MK_Red4868d ago

Can't wait for the UT3 vs Gears comparisons. Thye singleplayer trailer of UT3 blew me away. It would be nice to see UT3 SP and Gears SP head to head.

u got owned4868d ago

That would be nice, since they used the same engine. I think this still the game to beat in terms of graphics.

mighty_douche4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

good on the xbox...
great on the pc....

could do with HD video tho.

WafflesID4868d ago

Wow uhm, we're expected to do a comparison of a 1280x720 game (higher on PC with decent hardware obviously) with a tiny low FPS streaming video?



Ok whatever.

How freaking pointless. Same applies with all these others <Blah A> vs <Blah B> comparisons. "WE TOOK SOME SCREEN CAPTURES OF A GAME ON TWO SYSTEMS AT 1920x1080 AND REDUCED THEM DOWN TO 150x75! CAN YOU TELL WHICH SYSTEM IS BETTER?"

mighty_douche4868d ago

the guy talking pretty much says all that you need to know.

but yeah i agree, HD quality please. im sure they'll have something similier on gametrailers soon.

JasonXE4868d ago

i had a good enough pc to play gears or ut3. Oh well, back to 360.

Myth4868d ago

It doesn't take as much as you think. I have a 6800 ultra and can max out Bioshock.

Excalibur4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

And I'll say it again.
The 360 WILL get the extra content.
Microsoft/Epic will mysteriously come up with a way to make the extra content work for the 360. Then they are gonna do us a big favor by making a super secret 360 collectors edition.
They will release it 2-3 months before Gears 2 to get that hype machine going.
I think Gears 2 will be out in a holiday '08 release.
Microsoft will want another "Holiday hit".

And ya know the biggest kicker of all?
I WILL BUY IT. Period.

okcomputer4868d ago

Are you kidding? So by your post epic will finish the ut port for the 360 AND make a gears 1 360 special edition with all the pc content AND make an entirely new sequel to gears, all within about 11 months? Maybe that'd be possible if they doubled their staff and pulled all nighters everyday until thanksgiving of '08.

Cliffy has said himself that the pc content will not be available for the 360. Is that crappy news for people like us who have gears on 360 and don't feel like paying for it again on pc? Yes, but it makes sense business wise. Just deal w/ it.

Myth4868d ago

"With this extra content heading only to the PC, the question arises: will it ever be coming to Xbox 360 owners? The answer, it turns out, is complicated. So much has changed to the engine for Gears PC that it would need to be entirely reworked again in order to port it back to the Xbox 360. "Putting that content back on the Xbox 360 would be a huge hurdle," said Fergusson.

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The story is too old to be commented.