Mediacrate software sales for the week ending 28th October,2007

Here are the top 10 games :-

01. [NDS] Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (Square-Enix) - 142,000 / NEW

02. [PS2] Ar Tonelico 2 (Banpresto) - 72,000 / NEW

03. [NDS] World Soccer Winning Eleven DS: Goal to Goal (Konami) - 29,000 / NEW

04. [PS3] Imabikisou (Sega) - 23,000 / NEW

05. [NDS] DS Literature Collection (Nintendo) - 21,000 / 54,000

06. [NDS] Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Bandai-Namco) - 20,000 / NEW

07. [WII] Ghost Squad (Sega) - 20,000 / NEW

08. [PS2] God of War II (Capcom) - 17,000 / NEW

09. [NDS] DS Nishimura Kyotarou Suspense Detective Series: Deadly Intent (Tecmo) - 17,000 / 98,000

10. [NDS] Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Time Expedition Party (Pokémon) - 16,000 / 537,000

The Hardware sales would be uploaded at 9:30 tonight

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Real gamer 4 life4866d ago

why do they have GOD OF WAR 2 AND THEN ADD (CAPCOM) NEXT DO IT. the 360 is taking a harderd pounding in japan then sony is taking in america.

nasim4866d ago

x360 sells just 2k there

However ps3 sales would increase from tomorrow in NA

x360 would just die like a pig in JAPAN and EU (where halo 3bundle flopped )

x360 has nothing after halo 3

ps3 has UNCHARTED, FF13, MG4,GT5 all bigger games from now onwards

MK_Red4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Real gamer 4 life, Because Capcom is publishing the game (GOW2) in Japan (They localized it).

As for BladeStorm, I never understood what people find in Koei's hack-n-slash games. I love the genre but Koei games all look and play like each other.

the worst4866d ago

o its in america only
ps3 is world wide

jackfatal4866d ago

dont disappear! its nice to see u post again!! u r like the war commander for ps3!!

ruibing4866d ago

It's not going to stop MS from trying though. Did you see that 360 bundled with three games? I don't mind the 360 doing well, but I want a definite barrier between western and Japanese games.

I love games from Japanese developers and would hate to see them marred by western influence, which I feel may happen if MS starts doing well in Japan. I do NOT want Japanese games that are developed to be catered for Western audience, that's just like bad Chinese fast food.

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sonarus4866d ago

at least they are gaining momentum

season0074866d ago

Are you trying to MOCK?

power of Green 4866d ago

Westerners and Some japanses probably developed higher standards being a 360 fan those KOEI games suck ass. The only people owning the 360 over there are probably people that like to try out different things and more than likely developed an evolved taste in gaming.

gtgcoolkid4866d ago

Fox news can learn something from you.

krackchap4866d ago

lol what a spin
so why do you think your other 360 games flopped ,guess they were not up to japanese standards either

power of Green 4866d ago

Xbox owners did not like the game. No spin what so ever, no one purchased the game for the 360. Japanese like the PS3 because of the type of games they're used will be on it.

lonestarmt4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

My guess is that the only people who would buy a 360 over there favor mostly western type games, so they won't buy Japanese style game on it. Makes sense to me. People who like those games have a ps3, DS, or wii plain and simple. I don't know why J devs still try to makes games on the 360 in Japan when they could apparently sell 22 times more on the ps3.

fenderputty4866d ago

That mentality is exactly why games like rathet will never be seen on the 360. It was a fault for the system last gen and, if xbox owners continue this mentality, it won't get much better this gen. Seriously ... lol ... more evolved ... do you even know how stupid you sound.

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MK_Red4866d ago

Strong and good start for that PS3 Sega game.

THE_JUDGE4866d ago

say that because one of their games isn't selling locally on a certain system that they will abandon it altogether. Thats a hasty judgement.

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