Soul Calibur Legends Goes Gold

Namco Bandai today sent word that its upcoming Wii title Soul Calibur Legends has officially gone gold and is scheduled to hit store shelves on November 20.

Soul Calibur Legends strays from the series norm as a third person action adventure, featuring use of the Wii's intuitive controls, a unique combat system and classic roster of Soulcalibur characters.

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MK_Red4869d ago

What the... I was totally not prepared for this one. While I'm not a big fan, I love Soul Calibur series. (Sad that this one is not pure fighter but heck, it's still SC).

DeckUKold4869d ago

you kinda got me in a tangled web

PS360WII4869d ago

Alright alright. The latest batch of screens showed a big improvement from what the were previously showing. This will be a fun one to play.

midgard2294868d ago

it scares me how fast that game was completed, um i really hope it wasnt rushed.....hmmm....hmmmm lol

Keowrath4868d ago

you make a very good point. When I first heard/saw info regarding this title I was under the impression it wasn't going to get released until around the same time as SC4. I gotta admit I'm extremely surprised to see that the title has gone gold already with very little news leading up to it's release.

What I saw in previous trailers/screenshots had me very intrigued (even tho I don't own a Wii) I've been a fan of the series since Soul Edge and hope that this pans out to be a great title and a solid game for the Wii.

midgard2294868d ago

im still interested even if wii controls are never deep. Lloyd from tales of symphony is in it ;p

but im still not gettign a wii so o well. but yeah, this game seems it may have been rushed, either that or its SUPER SHORT and has no story line, cuz now that i think bout it, i havent seen any story nor scenes in this game....hope its not just a random beatem up...

PS360WII4868d ago

Or they were working on it for awhile then announced it...?

ItsDubC4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

No, that's impossible! I will never get a Wii so I'm subconsciously biased against it and pessimistic toward any upcoming Wii title, therefore the only explanation is that this game was rushed and will be garbage no matter what anyone says!

/end sarcasm

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