Rockstar Confirms Manhunt 2 PSP Hack

Since late yesterday GamePolitics has been following a rumor that hackers had discovered a means to reveal the original, unedited content of Manhunt 2. In other words, the version rated "Adults Only" by the ESRB.

Now GamePolitics has the confirmation from a Take Two representative that it's not a rumor. It's true.

According to Take Two, the hack does not reveal the entire AO-rated version of the game, only a portion thereof.

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MK_Red4869d ago

Superb awesome news. Now if only they release an easy DIY to unlock the uncut version :)

mccomber4869d ago

Too bad(?) the only difference seems to be some really bad filters being applied. Doesn't look like they actually cut anything, they just obscured it. Just like any other half-hearted censorship job, it doesn't really make a f**king difference, you still know exactly what is there.

d3l33t4869d ago

Why not produce a risque video game. AO, release it mature, then 'leak' the hack. They should have been doing this the whole time. Cheat the god dam system that shouldn't be anyways.

Im an adult, i should be able to saw heads off all day long if i want.