Amazon's Credit Promo week of 6/26

More great savings from Amazon this week as they continue their bonus offers for such games as Batman Arkham City, Gears of War 3 and Mass Effect 3. The PS3 Black Op’s bundle and the PS Move bundle also get a credit bonus this week.

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jaredhart3446d ago

Get most of my games from Amazon (when I don't get them free).

SarahFox3446d ago

yeah me too, the credit rolls over, one day i'm just going to have to buy something huge with it

ftwrthtx3446d ago

I prefer free, but if I have to pay, I want something in return. Store credit is always a plus.

jbl3163446d ago

Those are some pretty good deals there. Store credit is better than receiving nothing at all lol.

MediaStinger3446d ago

20 dollar credit with Gears 3... might have to cancel the GameStop preorder.

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