RipTen Hardware Review: The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - The Best Mobile Gaming Out There

RipTen: The Xperia Play has to be one of the most intriguing bits of hardware to hit the mobile market in a while. It’s not the first ‘gaming phone’ that’s come out (N-Gage, anyone?), but the thought of bringing the Playstation experience to a phone is definitely an exciting one.

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xPhearR3dx3446d ago

Sucks there's no PSN support, but based on the review it's a pretty good device.

Sigmarue3446d ago

I'd just be happy with a selection of good PS titles- I'd get over the lack of PSN support eventually.

jaredhart3446d ago

Agreed, as a gaming phone it's good.

Batmau53446d ago

Seems Infinity Blade is still better then anything this phone is offering, so I'll stay where I'm put for now.

El_Colombiano3446d ago

As great as Infinity Blade is, it has nothing on a real game like a PS1 game.

Batmau53446d ago

I agree, but until then..

CrzyFooL3446d ago

Needs more PS1 games!!!

bfenty3446d ago

Emulation makes this phone amazing. Check out this guide:

Spinal3445d ago

Loving my Xperia Play, the emulation is icing on the cake.

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The story is too old to be commented.