Hitman: Absolution scans

Check out some new scans of Hitman: Absolution.

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omi25p3443d ago

Im slightly worried this game is going to be another splinter cell conviction. I hope not the previous hitmans were brilliant.

just_looken3443d ago

same here so far it looks like another game in a series wont live up to past games.

EazyC3443d ago

What do you mean "I hope not the previous hitmans were brilliant" ? =S

Haven't you played them? They are all fantastic games. I hope this one is a worthy addition, but already it certainly looks the part. But how come we see so much hand to hand combat? That isn't what Hitman is about... It's about catching that fool out with your piano wire around his neck while he's in a dark corner.

omi25p3443d ago

It means i hope its not like splinter cell conviction and is more like the old hitmans...

EazyC3443d ago

Ohh, now I get ya ;)

It's just the fact there was no comma meant it read a little weird

PRHB HYBRiiD3443d ago

Hitman Absolution: My personal GOTY 2012 ... IF they make it like Blood money if they just ruin it and make it an action game i will be highly disappointed.

Hellsvacancy3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Its gonna suck im afraid, no Jesper Kyd (music creator) no David Bateson (47's voice actor) the games limited to the USA (another K&L type lookin game)

Im TOTALLY let down, ive wanted this game longer than anyone

bauer0073443d ago

you know shit, they are showing off dynamics new to the game, all the old methods are back :L

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3443d ago
BlmThug3443d ago

Please Dont Turn It Casual