The Most Delayed Games Ever

How long does it take to make a game? How long's a piece of string? There's obviously no simple answer because every new hardware generation brings greater expectations and puts more demands on developers. However, most would agree that a decade to make a game is a bit excessive.

So here's a celebration - or should we call it a mockery? - of games that went a little over their original release dates, not to mention budgets. Were they worth the wait?

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Captain Tuttle4874d ago

Duke Nukem is a bad joke. That game needs to go away.

MK_Red4874d ago

3 Words: Duke Nukem Forever. It's "FOREVER" so it would win the prize.

They should add Gran Turismo Mobile (PSP version) as well as Daikatana or something.

Captain Tuttle4874d ago

They could even add Fallout 3 to that list...

barom4874d ago

wut? I thought the title was Duke Nukem Never

MK_Red4874d ago

Thanks for mentioning Fallout 3 but I think it was canceled for sometime. Still, it was a long and hard wait.

Hackworth4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

Starcraft ghost is still a project? i thought they tossed that years ago?


ruibing4874d ago

Yeah they did, Blizzard didn't think it was up to their standards, which is pretty true since Blizzard hasn't really produced a flop to my knowledge.

ry-guy4874d ago

Warcraft Adventures. Granted it got the offical boot but man oh man did they promote that one only to cancel it.

WafflesID4874d ago

E.T for the Atari 2600 should be added to the list...

WafflesID4874d ago

Eh, I wish there was at least one person out there who realized the brilliant humor in that comment :) oh well. heh

b777conehead4874d ago

yeap i grew up with the 2600 in fact it celebrtaed its 30th year in oct

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The story is too old to be commented.