Halo 4 Could Incorporate Reach Elements

GCO: "There’s been a ton of questions surrounding newly the redesigned Master Chief, shown in the announcement trailer at E3. Now, sources close of the development team have stated that the armer changes are apart of “steps to incorporate” elements from Halo: Reach."

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Gray-Fox-Type03450d ago

please no Reach and ODST were the weakest of Halo Games

Halo 1 2 3 were the beast Halo games. Halo CE is a legendary game.

kaveti66163450d ago

Yeah, the armor abilities are not cool anymore. Sprinting should be a standard feature, and all the other abilities should just be temporary pick-ups like active camo and energy shield were in halo 3.

GCO Gamer3450d ago

Here's something interesting.

"[They] weren't told anything about the assassinations returning. But, from indications, it seems like those are also going to be added and, mostly, edited to a certain dimension."

DarkBlood3449d ago

why because u dont have enough time to kill the guy before someone else comes up and own u?

AO1JMM3447d ago

I disagree. I'd like to see Reach aspects in Halo 4.

ilikegam3s3450d ago

Oh no, please... NO armour abilities. Just the sprint would be fine because it isn't really an AA. Camo/Overshield should be just like halo 3 etc.

If there is AA then it should be ONLY for campaign NOT multiplayer.

jdktech20103450d ago

eh, I'd be fine if they went back to pickups but I've put 90 hours and counting into Reach since it came out so they did something right for me.

hudsoniscool3449d ago

ive put in 100's and 100's of hours. please bring back pick ups.

SirBillyBones3449d ago

Reach would've been fantastic if they had kept the armour abilities as pick ups and made sprint a default ability.

jdktech20103449d ago

It's the same thing as Halo 3 then...why not just go play that? If I'm not mistaken the running speed was higher in Halo 3 than Reach (speaking of which I need to go back and play 3 to be all nostalgic)

SirBillyBones3449d ago

We did go play it, until the community numbers dropped and we struggled to find matches.

As for running speed, any difference is negligible and doesn't replace that burst of speed you get from a sprint. It just adds a bit of excitement to the cat and mouse aspect of the game.

I'm interested to see what they do with the new game. One major improvement would be to drop Armour Lock!

jdktech20103449d ago

Yea I was just curious...I noticed Reach's population has grown by 50,000 since early 2011 at any given time so it seems to be doing just fine.

I agree I like the sprint option but I still enjoy my classic playlist from time to time

TXIDarkAvenger3449d ago

Ok well it depends what Reach elements there incorporating. I swear if there are armour abilities, I'm just going to rent the game and beat the campaign. Screw multiplayer.

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The story is too old to be commented.