Will Gamers Ever Like Activision Or Square Enix Again?

If there are two publishers that take a gigantic amount of heat from gamers, it's the Call of Duty mega-company Activision and the ailing one-time RPG gurus at Square Enix.

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ZombieAssassin4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

Well SE can win me back with a Kingdom Hearts game for consoles and FFv13 looks like a good quality game...Activision however prolly won't ever get me on their side for anything other than Diablo 3.

Hell SE could win me back with a FF10 HD and Crisis Core HD.

Yea it's smart to not get your hopes up when it comes to SE, they've done nothing but disappoint me on everything but a few handheld games this gen.

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Dart894361d ago

I swear if they f*ck up FF versus 13 i am done with Square Enix i pray they don't cuz we need a good FF this generation.I'm sure if they mess up they gonna get a lot of backlash from fans.

InLaLaLand4361d ago

I smell a multiplatform move from Square regarding FF versus XIII.

TheLastGuardian20104361d ago

Don't get the hate for activision. In the ps2 days they were the same big assholes they are today. Sure they weren't spamming cod titles left and right. But they did spam Tony Hawk games left and right.

Square on the other hand. Eh, I still love them. To many talented guys there for me to dislike. Nier, FF XIII were 2 really good games this gen.

ZombieAssassin4361d ago

Well the only games I liked from them last gen I think was the Tony Hawk series and I stopped playing them after Underground, this gen though they've pissed me off by releasing broken games (that seem to get more broken with each new entry) and then they jacked up the prices on dlc.

SE this gen I love on handhelds but I haven't really enjoyed anything they have put on consoles.

InLaLaLand4361d ago

Last Tony Hawk game I played was Pro Skater 4 on the Gamecube. Spiderman 1 was great on the PS2. I need to give Nier a try.

thugbob4361d ago

FF13-2 looks like it'll be the same trash as far as the battle system goes. As for FF Versus 13 that game looks SICK! I have no reason to hate FFV13 right now. Can't wait too see more gameplay for that game.

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Xelestial4361d ago

This does seem a lot like troll bait...I don't really hear about Square Enix or Activision being "hated".

Now EA is a different matter.

Not approving this =/

zero_gamer4361d ago

Do some Google searching and you'll find many gamers hating on SquareEnix and Activision. Gamers have expressed hate enough on this site alone.

kesvalk4360d ago

then you live in the past, EA is a pretty decent dev nowdays...

dlohnug4360d ago

not dev, publisher. and EA is pulling some sloppy stuff right now with BF3, preorder dlc, and the pc steam version might not even get the Back to Karkand pack...

Xelestial4359d ago

We must live in different worlds then because I never hear anyone NOT complain about EA and how money hungry they are. And yes, they are a publisher. But still, I never hear too many complaints in the games industry about "OMG I HATE SQUARE ENIX/ACTIVISION SO MUCH" unless we're counting whiny fanboys.

EVO-OM3GA4361d ago

I love Square always will they got me into RPGs and I will continue to support there products and form my own opinions on them.

Activision are OK I'm not a big COD gamer or Guitar Hero player, but I do thank em for Tony Hawks 1&2.

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