Exclusive Viking: Battle For Asgard teaser

A few libations poured here, a quick virgin sacrifice there, and good old SEGA has sent Eurogamer the first ever teaser trailer for its gods-bothering rampage, Viking: Battle For Asgard.

Mixing the epic battles of Total War with the mythological gore of God of War, Vikings has been forged by the skilled hands of Creative Assembly – they of the aforementioned Total War fame.

Eschewing God of War's Mediterranean classicism for the equally fertile northern European Norse legends, Vikings promises to retain the brutal violence of Sony's spectacular brawler, while adding scale and tactical depth to the battlefield.

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MK_Red4874d ago

Bloody awesome. Heavenly Sword meets Conan plus M rated blood and gore. Why on earth this isn't on front page? Definitly a game to watch for.

Ares844873d ago

It was in one of the latest GameInformer mags...I think 4pages was filled with it!!
Should be great!! Fingers crossed!


I've been scouring the Internet for some footage on this game,ever since it was first anounced, It looks great, hope we get to see some more. Conan kind of let me down, Beowulf looks like it will be even worse, even though the graphics for Beowulf are excellent. But Viking seems to be showing the most promise.

More footage and time will tell