Microsoft: give NUads a chance

Eurogamer: "Earlier this week Microsoft proudly showed off NUads - a new set of features that will allow marketers to place interactive Kinect-friendly advertising on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Though arguably the announcement wasn't aimed at them, gamers didn't respond to the news with a great deal of enthusiasm, to put it mildly."

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DigitalRaptor3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Microsoft you want gamers to give you a chance to make money at their detriment, again?

They've gone completely insane...

dcbronco3445d ago

If this was or is a part of live TV it would be fine. The commercials are going to be there anyway. This would make me less likely to skip all of them with a DVR. just most of them. But I would think they could go a little further with this to make it really interesting and more likely to work. The reminder feature is really nice though. That is the one that I would use for sure. If only there was another reason to buy Kinect.

I will say the $100 gift cards being offered by some of the retailers now for Kinect bundles is very tempting.

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