Constitutional Law Expert Expects Violent Video Game Bill to be Rejected

A Constitutional Law Expert doesn’t believe the law will pass and it will be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court as the law prohibits too much speech.

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gamingdroid3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Good! Because it is a stupid bill created by corrupt idiots in our government.

If anything, being a role model that has illegitimate child and trying to hide it for almost one and half decade corrupts our children! cough, cough Schwarzenegger....

nopunctuation3682d ago

It doesnt take an expert to interpret the first amendment...

MaxXAttaxX3682d ago

Games with such content are not meant for children in the first place! These games have a rating system just like movies do.

If parents or whatever groups have an issue with little kids playing mature games(or movies) DON'T BUY THEM!

jon12343681d ago

god i hate them so much! i wish i could just do what video games taught me and kill them all!!!! X(

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swice3682d ago

He went extinct for you, ya know.

No, I'll thank the shitty parents if this bill passes. If they weren't shitty in the first place, then perhaps this bill wouldn't have been necessary

gamingdroid3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

You know, I had this long discussion and that made people were upset, but the fact is:

a) you can't get a drivers license without proving you are responsible enough (we still fail often enough though)

b) you can't drive without insurance

c) yet, any moron can have a child, pawn it off as society's problem and be on his merry way to repeating the process!

As much as I love my freedom (as proven by my past comments), I'm wondering if we shouldn't have basic requirements before you can have a child. It might prohibit my freedom, but it definitely would vastly reduce the number of ill-cared for children. After all, if you adopt a child you have to go through a [email protected] load of checks and prove you can take care of this child!

I'm likely to get a lot of flack for that comment, but it is the cold hard truth of our double standard in society.

nopunctuation3682d ago

Yeah ive always wondered the same thing. I believe one day when the population gets too insanely high to even feed our own people, the government will have no choice but to intervene and impose limits on how many children we can have. China had to do the same thing and many people say it is wrong, but china was going through a huge famine and now the population is under control today to some extent. Freedom is only possible if everyone is free anyway, so the government does impose limits on freedom. Rights to free speech are not absolute if you are inciting a riot for instance. The right to having kids can easily be taken away if there are too many people to even feed, which affects your right to live. I dont see why anyone would want to have 10 kids anyway. Talk about a nightmare.

DaTruth3681d ago

Too many idiots having kids, and even the smart people who have kids are too busy to bother to teach them properly!

Taking away peoples right to have kids sounds f*#%ed, but people indiscriminately having kids seems equally as f#*%ed!

snaredrums3681d ago

Well, though your ideal might help prevent some problems in society, it would never work in practice. Driving is a privilege; having a child is a right. I do NOT want to live in a world where the government tells me what I am and am not allowed to do with my body. The only way we could possibly do what you propose, we'd have to make sure everyone in the country would have to take birth control, and people who don't would be criminalized. Not only that, but people who get pregnant who aren't allowed to would be forced by the government to get an abortion. Sounds like madness, if you ask me.

gamingdroid3681d ago

Although I agree with you that I'm not entirely sure it would work in practice. Then again does one child per family work in China?

"I do NOT want to live in a world where the government tells me what I am and am not allowed to do with my body."

Neither do I, and I definitely do not want the government more control than it has. It has already proven time and time again, that the government is inept.

That said, they government sort of already dictates what you can and can't do with your own body. Try taking your own life or ask someone else to take your own life and see what happens!

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Dan503682d ago

The article is wrong Comics WERE censored look up the comic code authority of 1954. The same might happen to games if this is allowed to pass. Its been over 50 years and the comic industry has STILL not recovered from the damage that caused.

Jack-Pyro3681d ago

While your at it, look up the Hays Code for film, what tripe!

Dan503681d ago

Yup we might have the same thing or some weird combo for video games. 0_o

skyblue142133681d ago

I suspect the main reason on why this law is being passed is because it would only be violating the constitutional rights of every american. The e.s.r.b already informs parents about games so why should we need this law.

I would not let a 4 year old play a gta game, but I certainly don't like a law like this dictating an american parent on what they can or cant buy their children. I played violent games in my younger years(about 7-10 years old is when I started if you don't count contra-nes or ninja gaiden-nes, though I started playing video games when I was 4 years old.) and I turned out fine and I know right from wrong and I am sure millions of others in my gamer age group can attest to that.

Like I said before this law's only aim is to get the ball rolling on tearing down this countries cornerstones which comprises mainly of freedom and more. If you don't believe me watch alex jones documentaries which exposes the truth on what has been going on with this country.

This law is what I call a tactic of incremental-ism which means that first one law that's passed will take a little bit of freedom ,then later on another law that's passed will take more freedom, then later on another law that's passed will take even more freedom etc... until eventually all freedoms and rights would be stripped from every american and then america will no longer be the true america.

It is not too late though to take this country back and to restore it to it's truthful and rightful place which is one nation of we the people under GOD indivisible with freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

Be informed and watch alex jones documentaries(they are free), read up on whats happening with this country and get out there to spread the word to wake up people that are not informed of what is really going on with this country, and stand up for your rights and freedoms as american's. Give me freedom, liberty, and justice or give me death. GOD bless the true america.

Dan503681d ago

We need less god. We are a Democracy NOT a Theocracy.

skyblue142133681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

It looks like you have a problem with GOD, I hope that you work out any problems that you have with GOD before it is too late. Have you ever read or listened to the american national anthem, at the end it say's "one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all!". Or have you ever looked at american currancy? look closely and you will see "in GOD we trust".

GOD must be trying to tell you something that you don't like hearing in your life and that's probably why you are so defensive when anything about GOD comes across your life.

On the contrary we need more of GOD, not less. At a time a while ago in my life the enemy blinded me so much that I thought similar to what your train of thought is. I thought: no one can tell me what to do, it is my life and I don't need anyone else. But then I really seriously thought for a long time about things, about life and existence and all other sorts of things that are important and when it came down to it it was either 1 of 2 choices either the GOD-the right path or evil-wrong path.

GOD or anyone else did not force me to make a choice, I made the choice to follow GOD. At the point in my life after I came to the conclusion of the absolute truth of GOD I asked GOD "if you are out there show and lead me to you, and I found out through miraculous and undeniable circumstances that not only was GOD waiting for me but what I longed for(mainly true love) of what I was denied for most of my life was waiting for me to make the right choice all of my life.

I see things more differently now than I did before I committed my existence to GOD and JESUS CHRIST. The vale that blinded me from the truth in the past has been lifted and now I see the truth of it all. I was once a prisoner but now I am free, I was once blind but now I see.

You will have to find out for yourself what I mean by asking GOD for help in figuring out why you have a problem with GOD and what is making you choose that choice of having a problem with GOD. I am not hear to judge, I am only here to help.

My physical body that I am in can die at any moment in this existence and it is good to know that I made the right choice in choosing to follow the right path in knowing that GOD and JESUS CHRIST will take care of me and I will be safe no matter what happens.

Lyle913681d ago

@skyblue14213 God was not in the anthem or on the money until quite recently. God was mainly added because of anti-communists in the 1950's.

And we currently have more God involved in government than nearly ever before mainly because of Bush. Doesn't look like it's doing too good since you seem so worried about your freedoms.

Lyle913681d ago

You were making some sense, then you mentioned Alex Jones, THEN you mentioned God. If you want to make an intelligent argument that's not the way to do it.

jacksonmichael3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Nevermind, I didn't say anything.

skyblue142133681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Why does everyone get defensive when GOD or JESUS CHRIST is mentioned? I have yet to hear anyone state their reasons why they are defensive when GOD and JESUS CHRIST are mentioned, yet they try to make weak arguments that don't make sense. GOD and JESUS CHRIST are not about religion in case anyone brings up that argument anytime soon.

Alex Jones encourages people to research the claims that he makes, so it is pretty evident to the one that made the anti-alex jones comment that they clearly didn't do any research to his claims before making their comment and I will just leave it at that.

People need to do their research and find out about GOD and JESUS CHRIST for themselves before making weak remarks/arguments that don't make sense and are irrelevant as they had no relevance pertaining to what I said, it is just a lot of insults that were not warranted whatsoever. But whatever, I am not going to dwell on it.

I forgive you all though by turning the other cheek because that's what JESUS CHRIST taught believers to do. But when judgement day comes remember what was said. I hope you all repent. I don't wish that any one of you to take the wrong path or make the wrong decisions in life, and I hope that you repent of the wrong ways before it is too late. This is my last bubble so this will be the last comment on this thread that I make. GOD BLESS.

jacksonmichael3681d ago

To each his own... But Christianity is full of more holes than... Lindsay Lohan. Think about it.

pepsilover_20073681d ago

the reason why it is disliked is your acting like its what everyone should do, not everyone has to believe in god, but atleast respect the people who dont, by not bringing god up on a website that has nothing to do with

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