120° Sonic Generations E3 2011 Hands-On Preview writes: "Ever since Sega shifted towards the more "modern" Sonic approach with the release of Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, the original fans of the series have been clamoring for a return to the original approach they grew up to know and love. Last year's Sonic Colors was a great step in that direction by merging the 3D aspects with the innate sense of speed found in the original Genesis titles. So when Sega announced Sonic Generations back in April and everyone saw both the original and modern Sonics together in one game, many were left wondering how the merger would fare. From what we saw at E3, Generations is shaping up to be an entry in the series that shouldn't be missed."

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Hardedge3443d ago

The demo seemed pretty solid.

Kee3443d ago

Shit!! That reminds me i need to go download that now. Thanks!