L.A. Noire Lead Was "Angry and Abusive"

GameRevolution: "Reports are coming from anonymous developers in Australia about the conditions during development of the game, with particularly pointed comments aimed at management and development leads. With an entire website dedicated to uncredited developers of L.A. Noire already established, claims about working conditions aren't taken lightly."

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LOLconsoles3446d ago

Oh suck it up you big babies.

Fox013446d ago Show
zootang3445d ago

Send them to work in China at Foxconn for a couple of weeks then see what they have to say.

gamingdroid3445d ago

I take it people that tell others to suck it up to abusive work conditions, don't have a job?

If you did, you would be more understanding!

Bull5hifT3445d ago

Hey David Jaffe Was Angry and Abusive to the GOD OF WAR team now all the employee's are Wiping there tears with 1,000 Bills and Living in Gold Brick Houses... Driving McLaren F1's

Bull5hifT3445d ago

Do You disagree to THIS comment?

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Gray-Fox-Type03446d ago

videogame sweatshops perhaps? I believe they all should have been credited for their hard work they have put into the game.

BakedGoods3446d ago

You obviously do not understand the amount of work involved in creating a game like LA Noire.

Show some respect to the people who create the games we enjoy.

RememberThe3573446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

You must not now much about the value of a stable working environment. Rockstar has had this problem for years and they've been saved by huge sales. They have spent millions on games redoing what was done wrong or in a rushed, low, quality way.

When supervisors or bosses take a tyrannic approach to their job they only make things worse. Rockstar needs to fix this. There is a reason their games take forever to come out and this is why. Horrible management, means things don't get done properly and in turn need to me redone. Thats time and money wasted.

If you look at studios like Bungie or Naughty Dog, for example, they have a great working environments and they get massive games done in a comparatively short time. Rockstar can barely get a game out in 4 years and yet Ubisoft can pump out Assassin's Creed games at a high quality yearly. Ubi's management alone is saving them millions of dollars in efficiency.

And on top of it all L.A. Noire was not that great of a game. I got bored almost immediately and moved on to something else.

Haha /end rant

BakedGoods3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

This is an N4G comment-of-the-year nominee.

Well said.

kingdavid3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Meh Rockstar employees would get paid craploads. I also saw a vid of the amount of talent you have to have to get a job with them.

You want the big bucks, be prepared to work hard. In the end, the results speak for themselves - each and every one of their games is of impeccable quality.

Megaton3445d ago

Except the person they're talking about, Brendan McNamara, is lead of Team Bondi, not Rockstar. You're quick to blame Rockstar, but this sounds like an internal struggle at Team Bondi. Not Rockstar crushing the dev team under publisher demands.

Sony3603445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

If not for the last part that would have been a good comment.

Anyone arguing against this article obviously doesn't know what it's like to work in those conditions.

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subtenko3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

dont like LA Noire tbh

I like to play other video games though

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stormeagle63446d ago

It does sound like they're kind of whining, but the fact that you don't hear stories like this coming out in the industry means it probably was a significantly bad environment. Interesting stuff.

t0mmyb0y3446d ago

Not the first time something like this has come from a R* employee. I read the whole story of the RDR dude and it sounded like a joke to be working there.

ChronoJoe3446d ago

Probably at least in this case, making stuff up / exaggerating as they're trying to cause damage to the company after they weren't included in the credits.

Sev3446d ago

They should be glad they don't work for me. I'm the meanest fucking boss around.

I deny vacation time, dock people an hour pay for being 15 minutes late, and I eat people's lunch from the break room refridgerator.

-Like a boss.

dbjj120883446d ago

Poop on Debra's desk
Like a boss

flyingmunky3446d ago

I was having problems with people at my work eating my food so I put laundry detergent in some soda and exlax in the food. Figured they would learn their lesson after they crapped their pants at work.

t0mmyb0y3446d ago

ROFL that deserves many bubbles....I can only give you one though :)

showtimefolks3446d ago

they will say screw you and maybe someone might even go as far as to shoot your ass

in life what goes around comes around

i was a employee first and now i am the boss but i traet people right. I don't let them make a foot out of me but if i know someone was late for a legit reason than no problem 15minutes ain't gonna kill anyone

RememberThe3573446d ago

Exactly. No boss should be a push over (thats just as bad for business) but you have to treat people with respect and reason. The happier the people are the more productive they are. And we all know that production is money.

madpuppy3446d ago

I pat you on the head and feed you from the hand....

LostTokens3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I'll be sure to share my egg-salad sandwich with extra salt and my pickled-fish-pepper pudding. Want a bite? You know, like a boss?

BubbleSniper3445d ago

no one should be 15 mins late to work. dock the entire day or fire them.

BigPenguin3445d ago

Depends on what they do. I am supposed to come in at 8am according to my contract, but managed to convince my office manager that 11-7 would be more productive hours for me, and because my turnaround time is 200% faster(3x) then most people(3 days as opposed to 8 average), and less mistakes(0 in the past 6 months) they let me pretty much manage myself now.

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Nate-Dog3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I remember all the stories about the team working on Red Dead Redemption coming out (or perhaps their wives and other family members) about the strenuous working hours and deadlines pushed on them. If it's true it really sucks and the fact a lot of this is being connected to Rockstar again makes you wonder though.

fluffydelusions3446d ago

Rockstar outsourcing to sweatshop Aussie studio...

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