Nintendo DS dominates in Japan

This week's Media Create Japanese sales figures are out, and the rundown is massively surprising. For the first time, one console controls every single spot in the top ten. That machine, is the Nintendo DS.

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Lucidmantra5871d ago

DS is simply bending the PSP over and dominating it like its loose prison biotch. That is why i got a DS, that and the games are awesome for it. Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, Deep Labrinth, Brain Age, Big Brain Academy, hell even Nintendogs are all better than anything i have seen for the PSP and I went to the store to BUY a PSP because someday it will get the whole library of PS1 games.

specialguest5870d ago

Japanese Hardware (August 14-20)
DSL 74,495
PSP 41,535
PS2 26,833
GBASP 3,823
GBM 2,266
Xbox360 1,493
GC 922
DS 712
GBA 20
Xbox 7

yeah DS is king, but PSP isn't do too bad trailing behind 2nd place.

ChickeyCantor5869d ago

some games require 2 analog sticks.
although some games wur great