Guild Wars 2: Changing the Game

ArenaNet's sequel to Guild Wars is not simply a prettier version of the original. Gone is the heavy instancing of explorable combat areas. In Guild Wars 2, the quest zones are open and filled with players. You can jump. You can swim and fight underwater. You can wander and participate in public quests that pop up around zones, and if you're using the Engineer profession, you can use guns, turrets and flamethrowers.

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YourFlyness3088d ago

Can wait I got GW1 at launch, never got into WOW, as I like that you actually had a story to follow in GW.

I can wait for GW2. I think Im going to play and Engineer. I always play Rouge or Ranger in RPGs.

Shani3088d ago

I really hope they release awesome collector's edition. I really love this game and want collector's edition for it.

Every time I see any Guild Wars 2 video, I get goose bumps and feel like I am high. Can't wait to get my hands on demo.