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XXLGaming writes, "There have been some really negative reviews for Duke Nukem Forever. Some of them have valid points, but many are just bashing the franchise with unecessary banter. Our guy Corey, a Duke Nukem fan, sits down with the new game and gives you his honest opinion. Is it a 10 out of 10? No. But it's not a 2 out of 10 either."

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Jacobite3443d ago

Good review, I'm enjoying the game yes, is it out of nostalgia I'm not sure but I'm having fun "Hail the Duke"


I would give this game a 6/10

nopunctuation3443d ago

Way too generous. 4/10 minimum. 5/10 if you are in a good mood.

Mr_Lu_Kim3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

^ agreed

Crap crap crap.

Recharging health, difficulty settings that only change health/damage and ammo settings, no replay value what so ever, no secrets to find, repetitive pattern style bosses.

Duke Nukem 3D was so friking awesome and this pile of turd doesn't even hold a candle to it. I liked health packs, I liked difficulty settings that changed the types and spawns of enemies and that made them stronger and more aggresive, I liked finding all those well hidden secrets that actually helped you progress through the very hard later levels.

Dukem Nukem Forever = 2.5/10

Don't waste your cash on it, pirate it or get it 2nd hand, 3D Realms don't deserve the $$$ for what they made.

This is just my opinion but I had no fun on this game and the multi-player is atrocious, I feel ripped of after buying it day one I can tell you that.

People say that all that hate for this game has no base but it does. Go buy Duke Nukem 3D on Good Old Games and see what I mean, compare the 2 and the only thing that Forever has over its 15 year old predecessor is shiny graphics (which suck when compared to most current gen games) AND THAT'S IT.

Prove me wrong and debate it, don't just hate it.

showtimefolks3443d ago

most of the critics are tough on this game going as far as 0/10 but most of the actual players i talk to say this game is a lot of fun

i guess time to rent and see for myself

Mr_Lu_Kim3443d ago

Post back what you think.

Our local Blockbuster wasn't getting this so I pre-ordered it and yeah, wish I went to the main town 15 clicks out and rented instead.

mixelon3443d ago

I thought it was fun once you get past the initial couple of hours.. And I did laugh occasionally. But I don't see how *anyone* could consider it more than mediocre. It really has no killer features or draw to it at all other than Duke himself. The graphics, sound, gameplay, writing, animation.. All the things you'd normally be rating in a review. None are ever above "competent" and a lot of the time are actually laughably outdated/outright bad.

What is actually good about DNF that makes it worth good-excellent scores? I'm not seeing it. I'd actually categorise it under "so bad it's good" - so much of it is totally anachronistic and not well executed... Its not deserving of the hate *or* the love that people are giving it to try and fix it's reputation.

Fun can be had with DNF, but fun is subjective. You can't just say "lighten up and have some fun" - fun doesn't override every other rateable criteria. I hope Duke does well so they can make a true sequel from the ground up. Then you'd see how bad DNF really is compared with how bad it could and *should* have been.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Duke Nukem is actually a pretty good game. I think what hurts the meta score is the unforgiving load times. I have played worse games that have scored 9's. In a game where one wrong turn can kill you, the loading times get old fast.

Balflear873443d ago

Nice review, i have completed it, and it should be reviewed as a 7-8 game... most of game press don't know their place

Mr_Lu_Kim3443d ago

Wow you very generous, I am going to you house for Xmas.