120° Prey 2 Preview "From how Human Head and Bethesda have described Prey 2, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from their E3 demonstration. First off, it's quite a departure from the original game. Secondly, it's a mix-match of various genres, one that works surprisingly well. The open-world shooter kicks off some time within the first game's timeline. Remember the spectacular plane crash? That's where Prey 2 begins."

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mephman3442d ago

It's interesting that they've changed the game so much, but understandable at the same time.

Marcus Fenix3442d ago

im so getting this game after seeing the E3 gameplay demo, looks way different than the 1st which some ppl won't like, that's understandable but to me im liking it better this way.

Hardedge3442d ago

The open world and free-running looked really good. Loved that you can hang from a ledge, use it as cover and shoot enemies at the same time.