IGN: Nintendo Fans Campaign for Missing Wii Games

Last Story. Xenoblade. Pandora's Tower. Three big titles that show no sign of being released in the States. Nintendo's fans have other plans.

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Captain_Chicago3446d ago

This is actually really cool to see unfold. At the very least, the exposure of these games will increase exponentially. I'd recommend that people start Tweeting about them, though, cuz getting on Twitter's trending topics is gonna be a huge coup.

Lavalamp3446d ago

You should check out Amazon. It's topping charts at a surprising rate since you can pre-order it on the site.

Ness-Psi3446d ago

I know Xenoblade is coming to Europe but I'm not sure about the others so this would be a good idea so everyone in the west gets to play these excellent games. why Nintendo aint releasing them anyway (as their sure-fire sellers) is beyond a mystery to me.

jacksonmichael3446d ago

There was only five months between the announcement and the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns... With that knowledge alone, I'm willing to speculate that they will all be announced for North American release at TGS, possibly coming within the year.

Ness-Psi3446d ago

Hope your right I wouldn't want to miss out on these excellent games.

Desert Turtle3446d ago

Why would they announce the release of a game for America at a Japanese event?

StarWolf3446d ago

the games too hard for americans -_-

Peaceful_Jelly3446d ago

I can't believe that Xenoblade nor The Last Story have a NA release. Is this how Nintendo wants to attract the core gamers to their console?

lizard812883445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

I know right, atleast you can import all 3 from EU, and yes, they are coming to EU. NoF said so in an interview.

Online petitions rarely work. TvC and the AA series (old enough, games by Capcom) are the only ones i recall working.