The Crying PC Gamer - Hackers Spoiled PC Gaming in Freddiew's Eyes

Net Media Now - by Fahed Jaradat:
"Freddie Wong portrays the current state of PC Gaming in his latest video. In his 100th video, Freddie gives us a masterpiece of shotgun rapid firing, vehicles dropping from thin air, and other glitches in a real life setting. We, at Net Media Now, really enjoy Freddie Wong's videos. His Call of Duty parody video took the number one spot in our 5 Must See Real Life Call of Duty Videos Article. Freddiew has called for our help in the video's description:

"We address the sorry state of PC gaming. Gamers unite! Let us reclaim PC gaming from hackers and griefers!"

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MAJ0R3446d ago

I wonder what that spray was of...

FlashXIII3446d ago

What is the name of the keyboard in the article picture? It looks awesome.

Criminal3446d ago

Logotech but I don't know the model number.

hiredhelp3446d ago

it is the logitech g19 i have it myself. thoe the side parts are bought seperatly.

FlashXIII3446d ago

Thanks, would you recommend getting it? Currently using the saitek eclipse and could do with an upgrade in time for BF3 and ToR.

Oldman1003446d ago

If only every online game had a vote kick option...

theonlylolking3446d ago

It gets annoying in MAG when you tell your squad where to go yet they dont do it. Then they turn around and try to vote kick you for being a bad squad leader when they did not even follow my orders to begin with!

fluffydelusions3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I think one issue is that games today are much more complex than they were years ago. I mean just look at the sheer size of your average game today compared to say 10 years ago. So much more going on which leaves larger room for error.

Criminal3446d ago

You're right to some extent, but the size of teams working on games is larger too, so we expect a better post launch service.

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The story is too old to be commented.