E3 2011: Starhawk Hands-On Preview [] "For years, rumours buzzed around about a sequel to 2007's cult hit Warhawk, but Sony remained tight lipped. That was, until Starhawk was officially announced last month. Described as a spiritual successor, not a sequel, Starhawk looks to build on what made Warhawk so great, all while retaining the same feel. Because of this, there are plenty of differences, with a new single-player campaign and a new, expansive, battle mechanic thrown in too. There are still some questions to be asked though, the most prominent being, what took so long?"

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ShawnCollier3446d ago

There's been a helluva lot of buzz about this game, that's for sure.

Hardedge3446d ago

Can't wait for this. I loved Warhawk, that is, before all those weird patches..

mephman3446d ago

Yea, it's one of the few games where I think the patches did more harm than good.

Confused3446d ago

My most anticipated game next year! I still play warhawk daily.