IGN UK: PES 08 PS3 and 360 both gets a 9.2

Expectation is a difficult beast to manage. Whether it's the latest blockbuster failing to live up to its pre-release hype or the look on your girlfriend's face when she unwraps her birthday present, only to discover it's another weight-loss DVD, meeting expectation is sometimes harder than keeping David Bentley under control when he's wearing an England under-21 shirt.

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shmee4866d ago

MS moneyhats and Bill gates PUPPETS

AliC4866d ago

Hows this striking back, did you read the reviews, there both identical.

PS3 -
360 -

Kratos_Kart20074866d ago

I think they were saying that in regards to the Gamespot review where the PS3 got a 6 and the Xbox got a 7.....

MK_Red4866d ago

There is something terribly wrong here. 9.2/10 from IGN and 6/10 from GameSpot!? There is something really wrong with game reviewers.

wil4hire4866d ago

The xbots are desperate to some how tarnish the ps3. Its so cute.. The first wave of AAA Games is upon them and they have nothing to do but bring up ports.. lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.