TVG Gives 8/10 To Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Belying the stunning cartoon-like appearance, Tools of Destruction (like its predecessors) packs a deceptively tough challenge, which coupled with the game's layered approach to the script and humour means that once again Ratchet & Clank is a game that virtually everybody can enjoy. Complimenting the combat heavy action, Tools of Destruction provides an ample dose of entertaining, if unremarkable, platforming action and the occasional puzzle to solve. Even less enjoyable are the mediocre space-shooter sequences that did little but leave me strangely longing for some StarFox. There's little in these areas that are particularly noteworthy; solid, satisfying, but TVG will wait for Super Mario Galaxy to push the platform genre forwards.

Given the series orientation towards multiplayer in the final chapters on the PS2, it's quite surprising to find Tools of Destruction a solely single-player experience. With a handful of mini-games Tools of Destruction can be rushed through over a weekend, with the only real replay value stemming from Insomniac's traditional selection of Skill Point challenges to achieve on every level.

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skitzoid4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

@ the review and not the game.
Anything less than a 9 is just an opinion to never be taken seriously. There are plenty of titles that have rated AAA that I would never play but I know they are AAA because of their quality (Oblivion, Final Fantasy, GTA, etc). Getting reviews under 9 / 90 I feel is a direct slap in the face of Insomniac when they have worked so hard and put so much into this amazing title.

I bought it and completed every task already. I could have easily done it in a rental span but it was more than worth the coin for me because I am into platform games and this among the very best of them all. I will definitely keep it in my gaming library because I eventually I am going to do it all over again.