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The inFAMOUS Press Kit is about the size of a vinyl record and comes wrapped in a transparent blue inFAMOUS printed plastic outer sleeve.

The plastic sleeve slides off to reveal a foil textured, electrically charged fist drawn with a comic book style.

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colonel1792733d ago

I don't understand the reasoning behind these press kits. Why would they give these amazing gifts for the press in order to get a good review?

I read an article a while ago in Kotaku about a review guide for Epic Mickey explaining how the game works and how it plays. IN the article was stated that this stuff should be for gamers instead, since they are the ones playing their game, and the ones paying for it, and so the people they should be convincing is the consumers.

I totally agree with that. Some press kits are even better than the collector's edition by miles. I think that developers and publishers should reconsider who they are trying to appeal.

kornbeaner2733d ago

But sheep read reviews and make their decisions based on those reviews. So if you grease up the reviewers, you are guaranteed good reviews and great sales. This new era of Gamers don't rely on word of mouth from their peers they wait for metacritic averages and reviewers, most of who have lost all sense of passion for the art and would easily sell their souls for a worthless piece of exclusive swag. I'm I being extreme? Maybe but honestly how wrong can I be when the last 4 Call of duty games average above 9 when really only Modern Warfare 1 deserved such how marks.
Need another example okay, Jeff Gretsman. Man gave an honest review for a big spending company game and got fired.

PirateThom2733d ago

Exactly, it's become a bit of a farce and, even worse, some people see the score instead of reading the review. 7/10 = bad now. Rather than read the review to find out why, if the reviewer has different tastes, there was something they didn't like about it or if the game is just average, 7/10 is a doomed game.

Alice: Madness Returns is a bit of an odd one, it's getting pretty bad reviews, but people I've talked to with the game are actually enjoying it quite a bit. Too many games with undserved high scores, too many games scored down for no reason.

ExitToExisT2733d ago

i love press kits , i believe they should sold at stores instead of 'special editions'

Esperino2732d ago

I love Press Kits too. Most of these weren't sent to me by media. I sourced a lot of them from various sellers. It's because I love Press Kits that I do what I do.

Some Press Kits are definitely nicer than the special editions but it isn't always the case. The Gran Turismo 5 Press Kit doesn't stand up when compared with the Signature Edition. I think as a collector there is plenty of things going for Collector's Edition over a Press Kit. I like to view Press Kits more as something different & unique compared to a mass produced Collector's Edition. :)