New PS3 Title Called 'Watershed' in Game Industry

Watching the trailer for "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction," the latest game from Insomniac Games for the Sony PlayStation 3, is a lot like watching a trailer for the latest Pixar movie. It features animal-like characters, gorgeous sci-fi scenery, and exciting action. Indeed, ToD, as it's called, represents a "watershed" in the console gaming industry, said the New York Times...Evan Wilson, a Pacific Crest Securities analyst said that "Ratchet & Clank" is an example of what publishers should be doing in the next generation of games, but unfortunately there is too little of this going on." He added that the impact of Ratchet & Clank on the overall industry would be limited because of the PlayStation 3's relatively low installed base."

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shmee4874d ago

hats off to u champ

He is not only unbiased but has very LIBERAL views

we all should learn from him

MK_Red4874d ago

Seriously, even the general media who only understand games like Wii Sports have found Ratchet & Clank TOD a true and beautiful masterpiece.
All of this says something about IQ and quality of GameSpot's work.

d3l33t4874d ago

I couldnt agree more. The problem is easy to identify: to generate the traffic to a website, you need negative press. Bottom Line. If they give halo3 a 7.9, the amount of traffic directed towards the site (good or bad) generates an unreal amount of advertising income. It's ridiculous, and sad, but true.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4874d ago

Your 'logic' makes no sense. Whether you realize it or not, you contradicted yourself. Either that or you don't know how to express your ideas.

If it was such a no brainer for GS to give Halo 3 a low score (7.9) to generate revenue & hits, why did Halo 3 end up getting a 9.5 from GS?

d3l33t4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

I was using it as an example.

If I rate everygame, or even the majority of them negative and biased, people will disregard ALL my reviews and the traffic ceases. It's a fine balance.

I'm sorry, i have a hard time trusting a review, when a game that has such good feedback from multiple sources, receives a low score because of unjust game flaws. "I like variety, the more the merrier....But this game has to much variety" i mean wtf kinda review is this. My little sister wrote a better science paper last year (shes 8)

edit: and did halo 3 really NEED anymore attention?

Ju4874d ago

Well, there was a reason for the PS2 being successful in the past. The broader audience was one and R&C was a part of it. For me its also a reason for the platform, more then brand loyalty. I hope, the studios have the time and the will to do another Sly Cooper in HD, a Crash Bandicot or a Jak and Dexter. Or even come up with complete new IPs. The shooter and hard core crowd is covered, I am not worried about that.

d3l33t4874d ago

I was looking at my ps3 box, (60 gig from launch) and it has almost all the current IP's that just got launched on it. Screen shots and everything. And i was thinking to myself, if they knew that far in advanced that such cool games are coming out in say, 2 years, what do you think sony has up their sleeves for the next 2 years? I think we will all be suprised with the amount of really good games coming to 'current gen' consoles. We are only about 1/6 into it's life cycle.

cherdman4874d ago

7.5/10 does not a watershed moment make.

Ashta4874d ago

The 90 score on metacritic would like to have a word with you. Also, those 27 different reviewers that gave it a 90 and higher would also like to show you the door.

fenderputty4874d ago

which you so clearly are.

tk4874d ago

In the company of Halo 3, Wii controller... calling R&C:TOD a Watershed moment is quite huge. Wll done to the devs.

To the reviewers:
We need to have a redo of all the reviews. Because R&C is so early in the PS3 life, we would expect that this is only a sign of things to come. Understand... only a sign of things to come. So this game can not be a 10/10 score. It might be the pinnacle of games today - but it is only in the beginning of the PS3 lifecycle - so if it is a 10/10 then we are saying that we don't expect better this gen.

Score it as 7/10 or 8/10, and use it as a benchmark. Rerate the games on the PS3 / XB360 / Wii against this. We will see much better than this during this gen - so allow for it in reviews.

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