GameSpot on Xbox 360 PES 08: Better than PS3 version (1080p Exclusive to 360 Version)

Konami's seventh Pro Evolution Soccer is a small improvement in terms of playability, but there's little else to make it worth the upgrade.

The Xbox 360 version does have some bonuses over the PlayStation 3 iteration. Firstly, it runs in 1080p, whereas the PlayStation 3 doesn't even support this display mode and is jerky even running in 720p. Secondly, you can use a Live Vision camera to scan logos and faces into the game, although the results are somewhat low-res in the game.

GameSpot gave 7/10 to the 360 version while awarded the "Busted, Broken and Buggy" medal to the PS3 version and a score of 6/10.

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Meus Renaissance4868d ago

Konami dropped the ball with the PS3 version, pun intended. Hopefully the patch they're releasing will fix these problems. Although I think we have this story reported a few times before? Not sure.

MK_Red4868d ago

Agree on Konami.
As for story, this is the Xbox 360 version's review which got 7/10 from GameSpot who gave 6/10 to PS3 version.

jiggyjay4868d ago

Let the defending begin! Let me sum up the comments that are going to be said on this thread.

Sony Fanboy1- Lazy Devs!

Sony Fanboy2- the 360 had more Dev time!

Sony Fanboy3- Fifa is better anyways!

Sony Fanboy4- One word RROD!

Sony Fanboy5- We can at least play this game online for free.. LOL

Sony Fanboy6- XBL has so much lag that you won't even be able to play this online. PSN has no lag!

SonyFaboy7- Soccer sucks anyways I prefer madden which is superior on the PS3!

SonyFanboy8- "Better colors don't mean better graphics."

SonyFanboy9- The PS3 is a year old while the 360 is two years old.

SonyFanboy10- MGS/FF13/Lair/HS has better graphics than any 360 games out there!

SonyFanboy11- MS uses last gen DVDs! There's now way that would look better because PS3 uses Blu Ray

SonyFanboy12- Wait and wait and wait and wait.................and wait...

SonyFanboy13- [email protected]

TheSadTruth4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Guys.. these kind of stories are no longer news.. as far as I know, the PS3 has never produced a better multiplatform title besides Oblivion, so really there is no need to post this sort of news unless the PS3 version is better (if that ever happens).

Edit: Also, MK_RED I thought you were one of the respectable members of this site but it seems even you "spin" the stories to get more "heat." Am I wrong?

lawman11084868d ago

From this day forward. MOST boring sport EVER in the history of mankind except it could be a tie with basketball

Chaos Striker4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

And yet it is the most popular sport in the world. I don't think the two go together now do they?

trane074868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

xbot number 1: HA! another bad port

Xbot number 2: We got halo!

Xbot number 3: Besides motorstorm, resistance, heavenly sword, ratchet and clank, oblivion, warhawk, Guitar hero, the eye, Folklore, and others....Ps3 has no games!!!

Xbot number 4: We got HALO!!!

Xbot number 5: Wait beyond!! We never waited our first year! ps2 ports, Rumble roses, Kameo, and and DOA was the shizznit!!

Xbot number 5: We have more games (despite not pointing out that the 360 has been out for the longest)

xbot number 6: We got HALO!!

Xbot number 7: MGS4 is coming!! Konami wants money and kojima cant do nothing about it!!!

Xbot number 8: We got halo!!!

xbot number 9: Ive still got my launch console!! Ive NEVER experienced RROD!!!

Xbot number 10: WE GOT HALOZZ!!!!

Xbot number 11: Microsoft has more money!!!!

Xbot number 12: Besides Big names like insomniac, naughty dog, and Kojima productions, BOO ray isn't NEEDED!! COMPRESSION IS TEH FUTURE!!!!

It goes both ways dumbass.

the worst4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

so i dont care what they say
COD4 is better on the ps3 anyway
(reply)i had a 360
it red ring in 2 months
got a refund no more microsoft console 4 me
plus all my friend got a ps3 anyway
plus the lag is a horror show on the 360
back 2 playing super mario galaxy
now this game is good

Sangheili854868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

LOL do some research. Both the PS3 and 360 max at 16 players BUT in a certain mode (I forgot which one) both systems support 18players.

The actual comment.

"Both versions, Xbox 360 and PS3 have the same number of players.
They both have 16 players max, except on Ground War gametype which has 18 players max. On BOTH consoles." - IW

Good job fanboy.

ArmrdChaos4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Unless you have a 360, you haven't played the console version of COD4 yet. Gamespot's credibility is shot but you are the expert correct?...even though you still didn't even have a clue behind the whole multiplay story which was debunked and linked on this site...but just keep talking anyways (maybe no one will notice)...not.

I guess this place is therapy for the fanboys. Just like a little support group to make each other feel good despite whether or not what they say has any substance or merit. I grow weary of having to scroll down through you people.

PopEmUp4868d ago

If you can't play soccer than STFU, just go play that oval ball which you American called football over there, when it meant to be call oval ball

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socomnick4868d ago

DuuuuhHHHHHhhh every multiplatform is better on the Xbox 360 its gonna stay that way. Heck even games that the ps3 is the lead platform come out better on the Xbox 360 look at virtual fighter 5.

shmee4868d ago

all of them are better on PS3 despite being x360 ports

dont care about MULTI when i know that LAIR, HS , R&C and UNCHARTED cant be produced for an inferior console like x360

hollabox4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

I agree, the 360 extra memory is really the main difference between the platforms. Oh for the other comment, Darkness is not better on the PS3 then the 360. PS3 Darkness does not even do motion blur at all just like Fight Night 3, and has a less stable frame rate then the 360. The only thing the PS3 version has on the 360 is 1080 P, but my guess is the PS3 version is more like 1280X1080P then true 1900X1080P. The PS3 version looked good on my new 46 Samsung Ln-T4671F, but I was blown away when I tried the upscaled 360 version. Most ports to the PS3 either has less texture, lower resolution, bad frame rates, or lower geometry then 360 ports. All issues can be directly correlated to more useable memory(522-490 VS 512-426) better CPU for game code(3 VS. 1-6 useable DSP's)shaders (48 VS 32 PS-8VS) and more polygons per second (500 Mil-6Bil VS 375Mil- 750Mil). The only thing the PS3 has on the 360 is storage (25+ GB vs. 8 GB) and probably physic and sound.

The WildAttorney4868d ago

devoid of all logic and just blindly push the Sony agenda. First of all, you really should get your facts straight. Ridge Racer 7 didn't even come out on the Xbox 360. And thank God the Xbox 360 doesn't have Lair (doesn't that game average a review score of 5 out of 10). The Xbox 360 is more than capable of producing games as good and better than the ones you listed. Have you seen Bioshock? Have you seen the demonstrations of Mass Effect? Not only do Xbox 360 versions match that quality, but they do it without the constant framerate and other issues that plague so many PS3 games. When you grow up, you will learn what a fool you've been.

hollabox4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

"dont care about MULTI when i know that LAIR, HS , R&C and UNCHARTED cant be produced for an inferior console like x360"

Lair was a average, played it,not as bad as I thought it would be. The problems besides the control is the choppy framerate, that game can chug at times when the action gets intense. Graphically not bad, but flame effects looked N64 qaulity and the ground textures like Ace Combat 6 was a joke. I think the 360 can handle Lair, probably make the ground textures look better then what they look. R&C is not impressive, I have not played it yet, but based on Videos it looks like a HI RES PS2 version with slightly more geometry. You should compare similar scense of the PS3 version to the PS2 version not using cutscenes or FMV, you will the difference is somewhat minor. Drake looks good, that is only game I'm impressed with, probably will pick it up when it comes out, give my PS3 something to do besides watch Grid Iron Gangs(Already beat Heavenly Sword the first weekend I brought it).

MADGameR4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

This story is bs considering its from a Wii30 fanboy site. *cough* GameSpot? Also IF it is true then its a noobish team from Konami and not on the same page as the MGS team. You can't really compare though. MS is a rookie, SONY have been around waaay longer. And this is not a fanboy comment, this is a fact. You can't compare a rookie to a legend.

VirusE4868d ago

Shmee is nasim with yet another new profile.

b777conehead4868d ago

holabox the 360 docent have more ram the the ps3. they both have 512 get your facts straight . the ps3 uses there memory deferent.and upcoverting is not the same as true high def. the fact konami is releasing a patch for it tells me its all in the code they wrote for it not the ps3 hardware. look at unchartered your beloved pos 360 couldn't run it graphics wise are any other ways wise .the dev that take the time to program for the many strong points on the ps3 get results better then any thing the 360 has put out and its almost been out 3 years .the 360 games are getting worse instead of better halo at 640 p

Sez 4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

the 360 has the better version of oblivion. all ps3 got was draw distance and faster load time. while 360 and pc got all the downloadable content.ps3 owners have to buy the game again just to play the extras.did the ps3 get shivering isle or the new download that just came out two weeks ago.NO. so please fanboys stop using oblivion.because your version is incomplete. lol

@[email protected]
like i said before all sony got was draw distance and load time.and if i remember right(and i do)360 got a update to fix that issue back when the ps3 version luanched.we all ready got knight of the nine and you are still waiting for shivering isle.which still make your game INCOMPLETE. point made

jackdoe4868d ago

You are blind and stupid. Oblivion for the PS3 looks better than the 360 version, comes with Knights of the Nine with Shivering Isles on the way for $30. So please, stop with your fanboy idiocy and all those crappy talk about completeness. I'm sure everyone is jealous of your horse armor.

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MK_Red4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Seriously, 1080p for 360 but only 720p for PS3? Konami is doing worse than EA here.

ShiftyLookingCow4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

and it still got 7(and 6 on PS3, I think its fair to remove a point for a lazy port), sounds like a mediocre game at best.

edit: just saw the IGN reviews, damn my heads asplode. Simply reading only these 2 reviews from gamespot make the game sound mediocre but I dont really know. maybe they are making a big fuss about small stuff.

MK_Red4868d ago

I don't know. IMO, PES has always been better than Fifa and it got pretty good scores from other reviewers like IGN.
But 6 and 7!? I haven't played the game but those scores make me worried.

wageslave4868d ago

"for a lazy port"

You know, you PS3 fans just dont get it do you. The PS3 is a bad design, with a poor quality development tool-chain.

Its not "lazy", its a failure on the part of sony to make their platform a PRODUCTIVE place for the developers to work.

The video-game industry is very high risk, with tight time-lines and you know, this thing called a "Budget".

Drop the "lazy" BS. Developers dont deserve the BS sony-fanboys throw at them. You people dont have a clue.

The internet is littered with stories about why the PS3 is a terrible design, yet you continue with this childish name-calling.

MK_Red4868d ago

wageslave, Who are you calling a fanboy? DarthNihilus is one of the best and most fare members of N4G and if anything, I believe he is more of a 360 fan than PS3.

Also if PS3 is such a bad machine they how come it has a game like Ratchet and Clank TOD that NYTimes and others are calling it far ahead of anything on other consoles in terms of graphics?

jackdoe4868d ago

Is it software 1080p or hardware upscaled 1080p?

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Bonsai12144868d ago

yeah, konami admitted there were huge problems with this version and it didn't meet their "vision."

oh well, fifa for me this year.

Salvadore4868d ago

1080p support for the 360 and no for the monstrous PS3.

ShiftyLookingCow4868d ago

not really much to do with the actual abilities of each console, just a lazy port

blusoops4868d ago

I bet the 1080p on Xbox is UPSCALED 1080p not NATIVE 1080p. There is a difference, and for some reason Xbox games will say "1080p support" on the back of the game box but will fail to mention that this is upscaled 1080p. The only 2 games that are native 1080p on the 360 is "Virtua Tennis" and "NBA Street: Home Court". And the box actually says "Native 1080p". The PS3 also upscales games to 1080p but the games only advertise "NATIVE" resolutions not upscaled. If I am wrong please let me know!

Martini4868d ago

Some games can be upscaled to 1080 on PS3 but not all, where 360 can upscale anything it outputs to 1080.