Uncharted: Unseen Jungle Gameplay

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is one of the best looking PS3 game people have seen to date. And with news that a demo of Naughty Dog's fabulous creation is on its way to the PlayStation Store soon, Games Radar just had to take adventurer Nathan Drake for another trip around the tropical jungle.

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scheme_a4874d ago

Looking like a solid platformer as well.
Loving it!

shmee4874d ago

the PS3 GOTY as well as ALL GAMES GOTY for sure

This makes Halo 3 look like a sheer cartoon garbage

gamesblow4874d ago

Is there gonna be anything left for us to play and see on our own? That's what I'm wondering... :-( Anyways, I love the way this game has shapped up from 2 years ago and I love Naughtydog. Cannot wait for this one to drop this month. Then we can finally move on to 2nd gen ps3 games... Eightdays, folks... The rotting.... Getaway, just to name a few. Uncharted is going to be an amazing way to end the ps3's 1st year on the market.

Jen5en4874d ago

After I've been playing the Crysis demo for a long time, I'm beginning to find Uncharted much more appealing, visually. I know, they feature roughly the same technologies... but the overall feel is better in Uncharted, IMHO.

Crysis is still absolutely gorgeous,don't get me wrong, and does in several areas beat Uncharted, but those places are in the tech department, and cannot be compared since Uncharted simply does not feature them.

Then again, I haven't played Uncharted, so maybe I should STFU. :D

xionpunk4874d ago

I think its the art style that is more appealing. Its not like crysis where its trying to mimic reality (visually) as closely as possible, it has more of an exaggerated realistic look. Even though this game is set in a "real world" setting, I totally get a Jak type vibe from it, which is a good thing.

Jen5en4874d ago


Exactly my point. I did a long post once about the difference between decent technological touches, and decent art direction. I mentioned F.E.A.R. at release; though it was top-of-the-line in all tech aspects, it looked bland and uninspired. The same cannot be said for Crysis, but it has less of a 'romantic' feel. It's that feel in Uncharted that has me hooked I suppose.

But, alas, that's a personal preference. There are millions out there who will disagree and find the graphics of Crysis more appealing, so I guess direct comparisons are rather useless.

Ju4874d ago

Every adventure tourists dream...insane level. Good that I see the video, I am sure I would die there at least three times to figure out what to do next.

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The story is too old to be commented.