Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Dungeon Siege III

Kudos to Obsidian: in developing its own Onyx engine technology, the studio has managed to create a new action RPG that has its own highly distinctive visual look, rich on incidental detail, atmospheric effects and heavy on dynamic light and shadow. In what is essentially an HD reworking of classics like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on PlayStation 2 (albeit without the super-smooth frame-rate), Dungeon Siege III offers plenty of RPG-fuelled enjoyment, but essential elements of the game mechanics are lightweight in nature, and the kind of depth we've come to expect from magic and combat dynamics in this genre feels somewhat lacking.

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zootang3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Strange, on the last comparison they said this when the 360 had better performance;

"while both versions do come recommended, the final nod goes to the 360. MLAA may well give an image quality boost to the PS3 version, but owing to the nature of the art itself, the lack of edge-smoothing on the 360 game isn't that much of an issue. Similarly, while welcome, the Xbox's plus points - texture and effects improvements - aren't significant enough to weigh into any purchasing decision. However, performance is the key difference here, and that's where the Xbox 360 provides an advantage that translates into a tangibly more consistent gameplay experience."

This time the PS3 has the better performance they say this;

"Overall, Dungeon Siege III isn't an essential purchase, but on console at least it's sufficiently different from the norm to make it worth looking at. In terms of which version is the better purchase, there's really not very much in it: graphics are identical to all but the most intense comparisons, while the PS3's unlocked frame-rate only seems to help marginally in sustaining performance when the engine is really under pressure."

I find it rather strange.

jack_burt0n3769d ago

whats strange? digital foundry/eurogamer/edge dont hide the fact that they are Microsoft funded.

would you trust jack tretton to review samsung tv's?? no i wouldn't either.

andron3768d ago

How are they MS funded? This has been mentioned before, but isn't really true.

DF delivers hardware and services for many clients and developers, but that doesn't mean they are funded by them....

Christopher3769d ago

Both look good to me. Should be able to be enjoyed by many gamers.

nickjkl3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

still no infamous tech analysis

its weird how we can get a performance analysis for modern warfare 3

a tech analysis for gears of war 3 both of which arent even out

tons of faceoffs from multiplatform games

but nothing for infamous 2 it just seems odd

xtremegamerage3769d ago

Probably because they are in love with the 360.

PS3 won that hands down to be fair.