EA 'Skates' Up the Charts

It may not have Tony Hawk in the title, but EA's Skate is a great start for the publisher's new skateboarding franchise. According to NPD, Skate on the Xbox 360 was the fifth best selling title overall for September. This made it the second best selling title on Microsoft's platform during the same period, with over 175,000 copies sold. Skate was also the eighth best selling PS3 game during the same period. More within...

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MK_Red4869d ago

WOw, Awesome. Glad to finally see people buy new and better games instead of recycled ones (Although sadly EA may end up milking and copying Skate in the coming years).

MK_Red4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

I'm terribly sorry about the double post. Please delete this one. My browser is having some problems with Quake Wars ad.