GameSpot gives 6/10 to Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PS3

Ultimately, the success of Pro Evolution Soccer is a paradox for the game's designers. It's difficult to improve on the standard that was achieved with the fifth version of the game, but the designers could certainly start by introducing some next-generation features to the PlayStation 3. Although it's bad enough that it doesn't differ from its predecessor in any noteworthy way, the technical problems and laggy online mode combine to make cause serious gameplay issues. Hopefully some of the flaws will be fixed with future patches, but as it stands right now, PES 2008 is essentially an incomplete game.

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LSDARBY4874d ago

Are they just doing it to annoy people now?

marinelife94874d ago

I throw whatever Gamespot says out of the window after the Ratchet and Clank debacle. They could of gave it a 10/10 and it wouldn't mean a hill of beans to me.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4874d ago

6 out of 10 for Pro Evolution Soccer? Even if it has some bugs, it can't be that bad. The first Madden for the Xbox 360 was buggy and it still got a 7.4.

brianodom4874d ago

the game is kinda broke....

its hard as hell to mod

Real gamer 4 life4874d ago

LOL Ign give PES 9.2 and gamespot gives it 6/10. i dont understand reviewer no more,who to belive? i dont know.

UnblessedSoul4874d ago

The only reason Ign gave it 9.2 was probably because they are sponsored in the game
However next years pes will be more focused for the ps3 so I can't wait for that :)

The WildAttorney4874d ago

Where have I heard that before from a Sony fanboy---wait till next year. I heard that a lot last Christmas, and I hear it a lot this Fall. I can't wait until the holiday season. There are going to be more "wait untils" than you can shake a stick at.

kornbeaner4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

are your 4-6 to six weeks up yet. You must not have a console to play since your wasting you time posting in this site with "SO MANY GAMES TO PLAY!!"

My excuse for being here is am at work and its down time.

shmee4874d ago

from ages i am hearing that x360 will get good games but unfortunately all they have are PC games like Bioshock and Gears ----both have 1/10 as poly as each character in R&C

is R&C out ?

isnt it AAA?

halo 3 is a poor low poly cartoon game at 64op ---very true and is a garbage game as well

Uncharted has killed Mass effect and the hype for any x360 game

LOFT3164874d ago

Sorry but been a pro evo fan for years but this years effort gameplay wise is not the pro evo we've all know and love graphically it aint an improvement and with the little bit of slowdown which really should'nt happen and i know the problems of online can be fixed but personally i dont like this years effort!! dissapointed with both fifa and pro evo this time i mean this is supposed to be next gen and they feel like they both have taken a step backwards anyway never mind gotta sh1t load of games to look forward to this month on the PS3 and just hoping they come back next year with a footy game that will be a helluva lot better that this one

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The story is too old to be commented.