Nintendo spent $40m on ads in first half of '07

Nintendo has spent USD 40 million (EUR 27.7m) on print, TV and outdoor media advertising between January and June 2007, according to data from Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The massive budget for 2007 continues the publisher's commitment to marketing – it has already spent USD 86 million (EUR 59.6m) for the whole of 2006 and USD 84 million (EUR 58.2m) in 2005.

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predator4866d ago

nearly every night i see a wii ad, annoys the hell out of me.

MajorgamerQc4866d ago

I would like to see how much M$ spent for their ads...especially those annoying ''believe in halo 3'' ads.

KeiZka4866d ago

Seen absolutely no ads here where I live, but this is a backwater region of Europe anyway...

JosefTor4866d ago

I hate those stupid Wii commercials. "we would like to play" Can't they make commercials that aren't cheesy?