Fujitsu Announces Blu-ray LifeBook Down-Under

Fujitsu PC Australia has announced the first LifeBook to feature a Blu-ray drive. The LifeBook N6460, which is expected to retail at A$5,299, features a unique Visual Optimizer which allows users to toggle brightness on their screen based on if they are watching a movie or doing work. Other specs replicate most top-of-the-line laptops.
David Niu, Product Manager, Fujitsu PC Australia commented, "As Fujitsu's first mobile computing companion with Blu-ray capability, the LifeBook N6460 is an exceptional icon that brings you the best in entertainment. This work and play powerhouse brings out the best visuals and offers an extraordinarily large data storage capability to meet and even exceed consumers' demands today."

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shmee4869d ago

It has no support from any Japanese manufacturers

MS has killed HD DVD and themselves too

ruibing4869d ago

Toshiba is Japanese, but I agree with you that BD is going to win. As for by how much, it depends on how long it takes before Toshiba and MS finally switch sides themselves. Their efforts of cutting prices down just shows that they are desperate to bring the movie sales back up so it is at least 1:1 with BD.

All us BD users or fans just needs to buy BD movies we like. I'll be getting Ratatouille, Die Hard trilogy, Spider Man trilogy, and Pirates of the Carribean trilogy in BD for myself this season. I didn't have to buy anything I didn't want in the first place to help, and I really think that shows how powerful BD is.

blusoops4869d ago

I'm buying Spiderman Trilogoy/ Pirates Trilogy/ Live Free Die Hard/ Simpsons Movie/ Ratatouille & Cars just this season before the end of the year. That's 10 movies. Not to mention early next year I'll be getting all the WB movies like Matrix Trilogy and Batman Begins, just to name a few!!

Nothing I don't want just to support Blu-ray...they're just great films!