Eve Online players protest against microtransactions and monocles. Lasers involved.

The Incarna update for Eve-Online is not going especially well for the game’s developers, CCP. First, there’s the $70 monocle that players can buy and equip to their new avatars. Then there’s the threat of pay-to-win items entering the game system via microtransactions. A significant proportion of Eve’s playerbase are upset. Significant enough to organise a vast in-game protest at Jita, Eve’s trade-hub.

mrv3214366d ago

F2P EVE= No one except the people who already play it play it.

If you think you'll play a F2P EVE YOU ARE INSANE.

evrfighter4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

if you read the comments in the article this mass protest seems to have been sparked at a leaked pdf file that shows they are planning on implementing pay to win items.

for you console players. that's like paying for mutliplayer DLC that gives you a 1 shot kill no matter where you hit someone.

Dust 514 just fell off my radar not more than a few hours after praising how awesome the idea was.

Confirmer4366d ago

confirmed eve is gana be pay to win

Lylat_644366d ago

You deserve to be ripped off if you buy the digital one :P