Larry the Cable Guy and Emily Mortimer Go Virtual in Cars 2 Video Games

Pixar’s Cars franchise is the most successful merchandising property for Disney today, thanks in large part to Larry the Cable Guy’s Mater. Director John Lasseter said Mater is based on a real NASCAR employee. Mater gets a starring role in the new movie. Larry the Cable Guy and co-star Emily Mortimer talk about the new Cars 2 movie, going 3D, and what it’s like to be in a video game in this exclusive video interview below.

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AntoineDcoolette3652d ago

How did Larry the Cable Guy get popular? Who is his fan base? Do rednecks adore the man or get offended by him? I'm at a loss for he is no Joe Pesci, no Morgan Freeman, and no Johnny Depp.

Quagmire3652d ago

Mater annoys the fuck out of me, his voice is horrible