Toshiba Shows Versatile New HD DVD Recorder

As the holiday shopping season approaches, Toshiba is turning up the heat on the Blu-ray Disc camp with the launch of an HD DVD recorder that can record high-definition video to regular DVDs.

The Vardia RD-A301 will hit Japan in mid-December and can also transcode high-definition MPEG2 broadcasts on the fly to the more efficient MPEG4 compression format. MPEG4 video takes up less space, so more can be stored on an HD DVD disc or on the unit's built-in 300G-byte hard-disk drive.

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BloodySinner4874d ago

I believe the format wars are far from being over.

ironwolf4874d ago

Its only 4 or 5 stories down the list.

Twizlex4874d ago

Yeah, for reals. Sometimes I think contributors get so fixated on getting those points for approving a story that they don't even look.

Twizlex4874d ago

It's funny that anyone would disagree with that. It's the freaking facts, man.

dale14874d ago

thats interesting to a gamer

Ju4874d ago

That's interesting. Because the main reason for DB as opposed to HD DVD is the encoding thru MPG4. Now, Toshiba encodes a DVD with MPG4. Who can actually read that ? Should be easy to adjust BD players to play those DVDs.

frostbite064874d ago

If im understanding what you're saying right, why would anyone record video on a toshiba and then play it on a blu-ray player. Forget that it could be done, but what would be the point, unless were talking about pirating and distributing.

Salvadore4874d ago

This war will never end by the looks of it.

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