Price cut spurs Xbox 360 sales at Japan retailer

Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 bundle ranked in the top 10 at Amazon Japan on Thurs. after the company price cut the hardware in the region.

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dale14867d ago

old news there was 2 xboxs in the top twenty a week ago there was four ps3 consoles in top 100 a week ago and now theres five psps in top 100 four of them in top twenty now

nasim4867d ago

only foreigners buy x360 in JAPAN and use AMAZON JP

Lightning Mr Bubbles4867d ago

Are my favorite basketball team.

kn4867d ago

relevant to this discussion as Amazon "sales" are to Actual Sales as reported by Media Create. Lol +1 for a funny post.

VendettaWFT4867d ago

Hey we have everyother best team in sports (maybe not the Bruins), but the SOX are world champs and the PATS are steamrollin teams. Great time to be a Boston fan.

XxZxX4867d ago

we seen that in Amazon JP, XBOX 360 is hotstuff. Media-create suggested the other way. talking about desperation to spin japan sales.

shmee4867d ago

It is not indicative of true sales

ELITES were no 5 last week. In reality ps3 outsold x360 7:1 last week.

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BLaZiN PRopHeT4867d ago

@shmee you say your not nasim but yet you write exactly like him. he posted in this thread already and you guys basically wrote the same exact thing

Liquid Ocelot4867d ago

you X-box fans do that same thing you constantly post the same thing over and over again like the PS3 has no games , the Cell can't do games , the PS3 is a Blu-ray player in Disguise and its not a games console you are just as bad as nasim.

shmee4867d ago


u write exactly like BLOOD BOT aka ROUND PEG aka POG

u are the same person

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AllanWakker4867d ago

What you tried to write: "Price cut spurs Xbox 360 sales at Japan retailer"

What actually came out: "Dreamcast 360 still dead in Japan"

Just give up on Japan, stick to trying to spin European sales where the 360 isn't as obviously dead in the market yet.

Seriously4867d ago

I try to read your posts with an open mind but you always bring the Dreamcast into it. This only goes to show that you my friend are not a gamer, therefore discrediting ANY opinion you may have.

The Dreamcast died in the states but it is still not dead in Japan. If you were a true gamer then you would understand that while Dreamcast did not make it here, it amassed one hell of a collection of games before bowing out. It gave birth to quite a few franchises we still have today, had online play and was the master of arcade ports. It may have died to PS but almost all gamers that have had one still admit it is one of the coolest consoles of all time.

AllanWakker4867d ago

Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!
Dreamcast 360!!!

ry-guy4867d ago

This crap is not news. I wish people would abandon the use of Amazon dot whatever to try and place their favorite console on top of the world for 24 hours or however long Console X was #1 seller.

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