The beginning of their worst nightmare: Resident Evil 2 retrospective

The ruined remains of Raccoon City are an iconic scene in gaming. Streets are shaped by the fiery debris of barricades while the bodies of the dead decorate the scenery. You take refuge in Kendo’s gun shop, but the owner is ambushed by zombies. One hope is the Raccoon Police Department, but no longer do the officers inside abide to protect and serve. Nowhere is safe

Resident Evil 2’s legacy lives on, since its release in 1998 it has sold almost 5 millions of copies sold, with several ports ranging from the Dreamcast to Thirteen years later and gamers still want to return to Raccoon City, with Resident Evil 2 appearing in arbitrary lists of games that need to be remade. Yet, despite the fans desire to go back, the series has moved forward in a different way....

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Iroquois_Pliskin2677d ago

agree, the series need to go back to its roots

Queefy_B2677d ago

Couldnt agree more pliskin but we know its not gonna happen, they made the game pure action to cater to a certain audience of another console... Capcom dont care about this series anymore or its fans. Resident evil 1,2,3, were some of favourite ever..R.I.P

IRetrouk2676d ago

dont forget code veronica, that game was awsome too.

Chinner2676d ago

It's difficult to say at the moment, but it looks like Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS is trying to get a happy middle between the two.

IRetrouk2676d ago

got a 3ds today, am looking forward to it.