The Eye of Judgment PS3 Review 8/10

Chances are, if you're reading this, you fall into one of two camps; either you're a total CCG nerd and are really excited for The Eye of Judgment, or you couldn't possibly care less about a geeky card game with a gimmick. Being a fan of CCGs when I was a bit younger, I was pretty intrigued by this game when I first saw it and I'm happy to say that, if you fall into the first group, you're going to really enjoy (and possibly become highly addicted to) The Eye of Judgment.

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Siesser4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

Oh, it is. I absolutely love it. I've been playing every day since I bought it, and have been dragging people over left and right (all of us non-CCG players) to see it, with enthusiastic results. The strategy to the game that you come to appreciate keeps you coming back, and the computer is definitely a good training medium, cheater that it is.

I've only played two online matches, but both were enjoyable (got beat down the first one, won my second). I'm still trying to get my deck just right before I go screwing around with my stats; weeding out cards I never use, figuring out the nuances of them, etc. I have a water and forest theme deck; may get a fire one, since at present, I only use 3 fire cards.

And as dorky as it may sound, there's such a massive sense of ... I don't know, fate? destiny? utter coolness? whatever when you're THIS close to losing and are hovering your hand over the deck and begging with all of your might that you draw something, ANYTHING, that can turn the tides. And then do.

mightydog014864d ago

Yep its awesome.. when I put it on? thats it I can,t leave it alone your hook, Its great eveything comes to life and i like making my decks and trying them out online, Because you dont know whats in their decks its truly adictive..... buy it you wont regret it